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Talk to someone online about LGBTQ+

Do you ever feel as though no one understands you or that theres no one safe to talk to? Many people who are LGBTQ experience discrimination and rejection and feel like they have nowhere to turn for support. Feelings of loneliness, anger, and hopelessness are common in individuals who are LGBTQ since they are often forced to the corners of society. Talking to someone about LGBTQ can help alleviate some of those emotions. Know that you can confide in a 7 Cups of Tea listener without fear of being judge or criticized. If youre feeling overwhelmed by feelings of loneliness, check out the Coping with Loneliness Guide.

Talk to an expert therapist about LGBTQ+ issues
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hey there! I'm glad you have found me on seven cups!A little bit about...
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We are all visitors to this time, this place . We are passing through ...
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Heyo! I'm G, I use she/they pronouns and I'm always here to help:) I'm...
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 "[...] And when the world's against me is when I really come alive.[...
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Talk to an expert therapist about LGBTQ+ issues
Jennie is prompt and thorough. She reads everything in detail and replies accordingly. I am hoping to get some positive inputs from her. 😊
Reviewed Apr 20, 2021


My passion is wanting people to understand they are wonderful no matte...
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Recent Reviews

“Was very supportive and well with words. I felt comforted and like someone was there for me. I loved every part of it.”

Received: April 20th
Listener: @andyy030

“Awesome person. Made me feel a lot better ”

Received: April 20th
Listener: @Clairebears

“such a great help!! a calm person who gives positive light to my negative attitude :)) ”

Received: April 20th
Listener: @Kjishere