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Talk to someone online about Transgendered

Talk to an expert therapist about LGBTQ+ issues
Great feedback. Really “got me” right away. So relieved!
Reviewed Nov 26, 2020

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Note:- No Sexual Chats or Fantasy Discussions. A curious person who wa...
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Seeking to understand as much as I can about mental health issues, to ...
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You don't need to go through it alone. Let's talk. My focus is on help...
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Hi! I believe everyone has a unique story with their own struggles. Th...
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Talk to an expert therapist about LGBTQ+ issues
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I am devoted to helping my fellow human beings as best as I know how u...
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Recent Reviews

“Very inspiring, and an excellent listener.”

Received: December 1st
Listener: @ElizabethHarris

“Very patient and listened to my problem. Very friendly as well ☺️”

Received: December 1st
Listener: @intelligentKitty4379

“Dona is best and one of the genuine listeners! They are very attentive and prompt with replies. I felt heard and I am feeling better after chat. Thank you for being here for me! ”

Received: December 1st
Listener: @DonaldDraper