sincereSkies5210 Starfish 2018
16 hours ago

One of the milestone or key learnings I have discovered while doing 7 Cups is that it's ok to feel bad about something and it's not wrong

plumBeechwood7549 Elephant 2018
15 hours ago

It's okay to let go of bad situations and people who make you feel low. Sometimes that's the only solution.

Talk to an expert therapist
Mary is really great. She is so kind and generous with her time. I couldn't be happier with her!
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Luminox Starfish 2018
13 hours ago

Reaching out for help might seem scary but the benefits outweigh the risks.  Give yourself and others the chance to improve your problem and you will likely meet with success.  Don't let fear convince you it isn't worth trying.

The number one thing I have learned so far is, you can't fix everything yourself. Ask for help if you need help.

creativeOak9590 Dolphin 2018
12 hours ago


Step 150 today and a 120 day streak! :)

victimzi Starfish 2018
9 hours ago

its okay to do something wrong. it doesnt matter how you got off the path, it matters how you got back on track. you're human, and nobody's perfect, but we can make each other feel like we are, and thats good.

Ang0125 Starfish 2018
9 hours ago

It’s not a bad thing to be selfish and focus on yourself 

Adrjust1 Starfish 2018
9 hours ago


turn negative thoughts into something positive and to relax more often 

It’s good to actually see your worth

It’s good to actually see your worth

It’s good to actually see your worth

It’s good to actually see your worth

It’s good to actually see your worth

It’s good to actually see your worth

ItsDev Butterfly 2017
7 hours ago


Just reached 100 forum posts! (101 now) heart

Chewykins Elephant 2018
4 hours ago

Just reached 90. I’m learning how to manage my stress. I am setting aside a time each day for problem solving (worrying). I am doing better since I had a complete breakdown the other day. It’s almost like I needed to fully just break so I could be put back together stronger with my support from my big brother. I’m getting stronger every day. I still battle with feelings of worthlessness, but I remember that my Big Brother, my husband and my Best gal friend sees my worth even if I don’t. 

MrsHelpful Starfish 2018
4 hours ago

I'm on step 17 but am still not doing well 


mixeddkidd Starfish 2018
2 hours ago

I have learned that though It May feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle with myself I am capable of winning. 

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