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Leadership Development Program: Discussion & Forum

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This is a sub-community for the Leadership Development Program. The program is designed to help you become a strong leader. Each course is created to get you to focus on the leader in you and to give you theoretical and practical knowledge of becoming a leader. It also teaches you interpersonal skills, problem-solving, building a community, and even basic leadership principles.

What is required to join?
- For listeners: Verified Listener badge or at least have applied to become a VL (in progress)
- For members: No newbie badge, Appreciated Voice badge

The program’s duration can be either 6 weeks or 8 weeks and we onboard new trainees every Monday. So please apply 5 days before the Monday you wish to join. You can apply here!

Resources for our trainees:

LDP Forms Directory


A Guide to 7 Cups Leadership Roles

Introduction thread

Step by step instructions


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