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I strongly believe in psychology - as a psychology student - I view our Psyches/psychology to be a key for all success in life. I believe that soulfully, we are all butterflies - we suffer from trials and misfortunes, and bit by bit, we are purified by our sufferings, until we are able to soar like a great butterfly.

But the greatest thing amongst the chaos of this world, is that we can unite in the face of darkness in order to grasp the light. Conquer your life today, and reach out whenever needed!

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A/N - I have not been raised or born in Pakistan and am only just recently adjusting to the culture/norms associated with the country. My first and primary language is English and I am not fluent enough in Urdu. Kindly respect that.


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Soul listened to me attentively and i feel much better now. Their responses were timely and empathatic which helped me open up to them and wanted to share things more. Im glad i was able to talk to a listener like them. I look forward to talking to them again. Thankyou so much for your time and help
A very helpful listener
Good supportive listener and a nice human being
She's so nice ماشاء لله may Allah bless her with good health and happiness ameen. جزاك لله خيرا
Great listener. Good feedback, relevant questions and responses. Seems genuine and caring.
Loved it! Awesome chat!
A good listener
Good at asking questions
Great help! It was exactly what I needed.
Very understanding, very easy to talk, very thought provoking and listens to you very well.
She's amazing, understanding and very patient I'm grateful for her :)
Overall, a wonderful listener and person. Really listened to what I had to say and offered multiple possible solutions to my problems
Was an incredible listener. Really understood what I needed to do. Let me vent and then managed to calm me down by talking to me like I was a normal person.
In your brightest days or darkest nights, she's someone worth your time :)
I love how u simplify solutions to my problem
Going good so far. First 5 minutes.
It was very helpful to deal with my fears
Thank You
very kind listener
Good listener.
Great person, great listener
very understanding and supportive
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