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Check in Today: Jan 18

In our resources section you can find application links and the leaders of each community. Feel free to join in on building our 7 Cups community!

Mental Wellness Month Masterpost

by @CheeryMango 2 days ago
10 hours ago

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Community Guidelines

❢Join in the different community project teams here! The resources section contains the applications and leaders for each team

❢Do not feature or set your individual project thread as a check-in. Every community project is equally important

❢Do not moderate projects that are not your own. Respect each other's spaces

❢Notify @CheeryMango if your team's application or leaders have changed

❢Notify @CheeryMango if you would like to move your project into "on hold"

❢Notify @CheeryMango if you would like to move your project out of "on hold"

Community Resources

Below are the applications and leaders for community projects on 7 cups of tea! Leaders, please contact @Tazzie if information or links need to be changed.

Forum Team: @Mel @Listeningsarinn
⏳ Music Therapy: @CaringBrit
The Needs Reply Team: @Mel @Listeningsarinn
Q & A Project: @RumpleSteeleSkin
Special Events: @Tazzie
Subcommunity Workshops: @Hope
Subcommunities: @Tazzie
Translation Project: @SoulfullyAButterfly
Team Lightship: @ASilentObserver


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