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Online Therapy for Affair Recovery

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Recent Reviews

“Thoughtful and insightful. Responds quickly and makes sure you feel heard. ”

Received: May 11th
Therapist: @AmyJLCMHC

“Feel listened to and she is able to help me and give plenty of tips.”

Received: May 8th
Therapist: @AnisiaCocanTherapist

“Highly skilled, loves her job and she really tries her best to help by using a variety of ways and methods. A good listener, never avoids hard subjects and her questions and feedback are with a clear purpose. I have a lot of things going on at once that would require a wide range of skills and she seems equipped to handle all with professionalism and compassion. I am only on the start of a long journey towards healing but for the first time in the last 20 years there is hope. I contacted her half hearted and from the first answer I felt like finally here is someone that knows what she is talking about and has a clear plan of how to help me out of that mess. She responds even day in a very detailed way and she goes out of her way too to give an extra response when she feels that it’s needed. I write a lot and she keeps up with it all and she remembers details of what you mentioned before without confusing her clients or forgetting things that you answered before. She is really present and I truly believe that if you feel like you are giving up on life just hang in there just one more day and contact her before you make any rush decisions. ”

Received: May 7th
Therapist: @JohannaLiasidesMSc