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Rejection hurts, whether it's a spouse filing for divorce a friend ghosting, or not landing a job you want. Feeling shame, hurt, and sadness is completely normal when people don't feel accepted by others. Although rejection is a normal part of life at some point or another, some instances of rejection can be far more damaging than others. The professional therapists at 7 Cups are here to provide compassionate online therapy for rejection. No matter how painful the hurt may be, our therapists can lend a helping hand.

Why Rejection Hurts

As humans, we are wired to want to belong. It's part of our nature. When a person feels isolated, unwanted, and unloved, they begin to succumb to negative thoughts and beliefs about themselves and others. Instead of healing the wounds a rejection caused and moving on with life, it's easy to become trapped by the fear of rejection and sink further down into the shame of failure. Long-lasting feelings of rejection can have psychological effects such as chronic fear, anxiety, and depression.

Beating the Fear of Rejection

Facing feelings of rejection is difficult, but acknowledging the hurt opens the door to healing. Online therapy for rejection can help people develop resilience by exploring the possible reasons for chronic feelings of rejection. A therapist can help individuals address the fear of rejection and help you move on from past incidences of rejection by establishing a healthier mindset, deconstructing insecurities, and providing one-on-one support.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

Chronic rejection or even a single incidence of rejection can be paralyzing, causing a person to miss out on potential opportunities, relationships, and overall satisfaction in life. Online therapy for rejection with 7 Cups can help people understand what causes feelings of rejection and develop the skills they need to shake off the pain of rejection, develop self-confidence, practice positive self-talk, and reframe painful events.

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