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Online Therapy for Relationship Issues and Infidelity

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Issues in your relationship, like infidelity, are difficult situations to deal with. If your partner cheated on you, or you cheated on your partner, your heart feels betrayed and it can be hard to know how to move forward. We offer online counseling for infidelity and Cheating , and you can turn to us to listen to your unique situation and help guide you through it.

Keeping the relationship together

Although cheating is something that no one in a relationship wants to go through and a deal breaker for some, other couples are able to move past it successfully and grow even closer as a result. Whatever your role is in the affair, if you both want to keep the relationship together, it's possible. Talking through the issues that may have caused the affair, seeking forgiveness, and forgiving yourself will all be important building blocks in starting a new, stronger foundation for your relationship.

Ending the relationship

Unfortunately, many relationships don't survive after cheating. It can be heartbreaking, but after a relationship ends you'll be able to move on, take lessons away from your experience, and become a better person. An online therapist can help you decide whether you want to stay together or split apart, but either way, during this emotional time it is helpful to get support.

Speaking with an online therapist about infidelity

Regardless of whether you decide to stay together or part ways, it always helps to have someone listen and guide you through your decision-making process. Or, if you just want to vent to someone about the emotions you're experiencing, our therapists are prepared to help you deal with any emotional fallout you're going through. Begin online counseling and start feeling better today.

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“Absolutely amazing!! ”

Received: April 16th
Therapist: @lindsayscheinermanLPC

“Polite and knowledgeable haven't started much yet into it but she is very welcoming ”

Received: April 16th
Therapist: @LaurenAbashevaLMHC

“I like that she gives exercises to do that we talk about after”

Received: April 15th
Therapist: @AnisiaCocanTherapist