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Good, healthy relationships take hard work and dedication. No matter how great a relationship may be, problems still arise and people still get hurt. Conflict impacts any kind of relationship, not just romantic ones, but relationship problems that involve a significant other can be particularly stressful and challenging. No matter what kind of relationship problems a person is facing, the caring and professional counselors at 7 Cups are ready to help.

Common Relationship Problems

Although all relationships are different, most couples struggle with the same issues: money, sex, trust, and communication. Often times, these problems are swept under the rug because people are ashamed that they are struggling, they don't know how to resolve the issues, or they aren't being honest with their partner. Opening up to a therapist about relationship problems can free individuals and couples from the weight of their relationship problems, help to normalize what they're going through, and offer solutions on how to move past them.

Healing the Hurt

A person's individual mental health can have an impact on the health of their closest relationships. So if an individual is struggling with depression and anxiety, their relationship with their spouse probably isn't what it should be. Healing the hurt starts with addressing the underlying pain of the conflict individually and learning how to effectively communicate those emotions with a loved one.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

Processing past hurt, dealing with intimacy issues, facing life changes, and modifying negative behaviors are often necessary to overcome relationship problems, but the process isn't always easy. Having a professional therapist who will listen, provide wisdom, and encourage ongoing personal growth is a powerful tool for overcoming relationship problems. Start online therapy for relationships problems with 7 Cups today.

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Recent Reviews

“I have enjoyed his thoughtfulness and attentiveness more than anything! ”

Received: January 18th
Therapist: @GrahamBarroneICHP

“So compassionate, warm, and caring. ”

Received: January 18th
Therapist: @DrTaraDavisCPsycholHCPC

“So far amazing. No pressure, listens and asks questions. I was very skeptical about this, but just after two interactions I feel comfortable speaking; and it’s taken me a long time to start talking to someone again.”

Received: January 14th
Therapist: @HannahCaradonnnaMSW