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Recent Reviews

“She is very kind ,good and does listen”

Received: May 4th
Therapist: @SarahRobbLISWS

“I am leaving a review about a therapist on 7cups, not a listener, as the programming code was saying. I am in the right spot for a review on my wonderful therapist that is named Hope Haddings, MS, LCSW. I have had some therapists in the past, most just briefly as they immediately passed me right on because of my extensive trauma/abuse problems. Hope has not done that. Hope has been there for me for a while and has taught me things that no other therapist possibly could, with what Hope has learned in her work experience and skills she posses that are very unique. Hope's skills are so very unique and I have never ran across anyone with her type of communication style, focus, sense of the real problems, not matter what you write, ....she is so very capable of focusing in on what it at the heart of it all. That is not something that every therapist is capable of doing. I am older and have seen quite a many bad therapists out there. Hope is a very refreshing excepting to so many therapists out there that just go through the motions with you. Hope has never ever done that in any way, is always so focused on helping you, and is the best therapist I have ever worked with in all my years. I think a lot of it boils down to her own style and personality that sets the tone for her work ethic. If you really want a good, honest, down to earth therapist, with no crap, Hope is the best there is going anywhere. I mean that with so much sincerity. I have learned so much from Hope in such a small amount of time, compared to wasting time with three other therapists for way longer times. Hoe is very honest, treats you with respect, helps you see things that you need to see and finds the best possible ways for you to see and learn and do the things that you need to. You don't know what you are missing! Amy”

Received: May 3rd
Therapist: @HopeHaddingMSWLCSW

“Mark is an excellent communicator and considers many angles.”

Received: May 3rd
Therapist: @MarkHarrisonLICSW