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Though often thought of as a condition that only affects young children, separation anxiety can affect anyone. It is a feeling of intense anxiety that comes on when anticipating or experiencing a separation from someone or a feeling of isolation. It can even be experienced when thinking about or experiencing separation from a place of familiarity or things representing comfort. 7 Cups is ready to assist anyone with online therapy for separation anxiety by offering a trained, listening ear to help ease anxiety.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

There are different ways that separation anxiety can manifest but the primary symptom is a recurrent feeling of distress or dread when thinking about or experiencing separation from a place, person, people, or even pets. Someone with separation anxiety may fear that something bad is going to happen to the individual in their absence and refuse to leave the place or person as an attempt to ward off the anxiety. Nightmares of separation or physical symptoms like nausea may also manifest.

Treatment for Separation Anxiety

There are several ways to address separation anxieties, most of which include helping an individual find their way to a sense of safety within themselves. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help someone identify thoughts that may misrepresent reality and retrain thinking patterns to focus on solutions. CBT has been proven to be successful in online therapy to address these issues.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

Separation anxiety is a painful but common condition that can inhibit someone's life, leading to avoidance of potentially painful situations and anxiety. 7 Cups is ready to assist anyone looking for freedom and relief by providing trained therapists who help with a kind, listening ear.

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