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Online Therapy for IVF

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Recent Reviews

“Ask great questions and has really taught me alot about myself through self reflection”

Received: February 22nd
Therapist: @SmitaJoshiPG

“Lisa is very supportive and open. She pays very much close attention to your situation and replies with indications that she understands. She asks questions to for clarification to make sure that she knows the situation clear co she can give her concise response. A really caring heart and involved therapist with her patience. She makes every session with her worth the while and you leave the chat feeling like your troubles are only obstacles and not mountains. ”

Received: February 20th
Therapist: @LisaDeRegtMBPsS

“Warm, yet real. Seemed to actually understand some truly difficult circumstances and offered useful tools for unique challenges ”

Received: February 19th
Therapist: @GrahamBarroneICHP