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We often reach crossroads at our life where we feel stuck. You could be moving along, making progress, and feel satisfied with your life, but all of the sudden you get this feeling like you’re in a rut. At other times you feel like you just can’t move anything in your life forward. This feeling can be hard to shake, but online therapy at 7 Cups can certainly help you deal with this issue.

Feeling Stuck in a Situation

Feeling stuck can describe several different scenarios. Sometimes people feel stuck in a situation that they feel like they can’t get out of. Whether this refers to a bad relationship, a job,, or anything similar, this sense of feeling stuck can pervade your daily life. Maybe you dread going home because you feel stuck in your relationship, or maybe you dread leaving home because you feel stuck at work. Whatever situation you’re in, it helps to talk about it. Talking about it could also help you figure out the right way to proceed to get yourself moving forward.

Feeling Stuck in Life

A broader element to feeling stuck is when you’re feeling that way about everything. By this we mean, you feel like you’re in a rut and you’re not making any personal or professional progress. This can be a frustrating feeling, because often it’s hard to figure out what you need to do to get out of it. Again, talking with someone through these feelings can be a great help to not only relieve stress but figure out how you can feel like you are making progress.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

If you’re feeling stuck, no matter how you’re feeling it, let our therapists lend their ear and their advice. By speaking with a therapist you can get yourself back on the path to living the life that feels more satisfying.

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Recent Reviews

“As a young adult I am finally getting intervention for a bathroom habit that so many kids suffer from and who most don't get proper intervention for. The treatments I need are unpleasant but I have been able to accept I need to change my behavior because how Johanna has touched me and listened and understood the fears and feelings I had about bathroom habits and my body functions. No body else has ever been able to help me get in touch with my own perceptions of what I was doing and understanding how I can change the way I feel about myself and therefore change my behavior and be happy and healthy. Johanna I could never thank you for how you connect with me and guide me. Maybe saying it here publicly will come close. Thank You so much.”

Received: January 24th
Therapist: @JohannaLiasidesMSc

“Monique really let me say what I wanted to say without leading the conversation to topics that didn't address my issues. Thanks a lot!”

Received: January 23rd
Therapist: @MoniqueBivinsLPC

“Lisa was so wonderful and had great ideas!”

Received: January 23rd
Therapist: @LisaDeRegtMBPsS