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Recent Reviews

“She is very nice and supportive. I was really blessed to have her as my guidance giver, she is a great listener, welcoming and really understanding. Not rushing to judge. I really enjoyed working with her.”

Received: January 12th
Therapist: @MelissaHummeltLMHC

“She’s helpful, caring, and compassionate. ”

Received: January 11th
Therapist: @CateD

“I really appreciate Dr. Jessica for being with me through my healing journey. Though there was no fixed time for the response, I found the daily communication with her very helpful. Her questions are spot-on and have helped me a lot in exploring and reflecting on my true self and the core of my issues. She is empathetic and understanding, sometimes I feel like talking to myself in the mirror.”

Received: January 11th
Therapist: @DrJessica