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One of the most hurtful feelings a person can experience is shame. It's closely linked to guilt, which can be either a positive or negative emotion based on the circumstances surrounding it. For everyone, shame is difficult to work through and creates a spiral in which we end up feeling bad not only over what might have happened but over feelings themselves. 7 Cups is ready to help with online counseling for shame that can assist anyone looking to work through the heartache of shame.

The Shame Spiral

When we experience shame, whether, through our own actions or those of someone else, we can begin to spiral down into a repetitive cycle that feeds more and more shame. This happens when instead of confronting the thing that caused us shame we focus on the feeling itself. Other things we might feel ashamed of will creep into our thoughts, and we'll focus on our perception of being a terrible person. This is not reality, but can certainly begin to feel like it.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

Shame is one of the most common reasons people isolate themselves from others who might be able to help them. 7 Cups online therapy for shame is one way to bring another person alongside to help up sort through what is real and what is simply a skewed perception. Compassionate therapists are standing by to help.

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“Helped me a lot, helped me analyze and self-reflect about the problematic situations in my life, really good! Thank you.”

Received: May 30th
Therapist: @HopeHaddingMSWLCSW

“She is still the best listener and responder I've ever had. I'm starting to feel back grounded again”

Received: May 28th
Therapist: @SarahGeorgeDCS

“She has a talent to reach deep inside you and make you feel safe to allow yourself to open up to her so she can help you explore your innermost personal issues. You quickly know you have found a person with true empathic ability to touch your sole. Like you are Goldilocks and you have found the nice soft bed that is not too hard but just nice and soft and perfect to rest on until you feel better. K”

Received: May 27th
Therapist: @JohannaLiasidesMSc