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Sadness is a basic and essential human emotion that typically resolves with time. We feel sad about an event or situation, we come to terms with the circumstances, and then we move forward with life. In many cases, however, a person may not know how to deal with feelings of sadness or suffer from lasting feelings of intense sadness that won't go away. Online therapy for sadness with 7 Cups can help people understand what they're feeling and release the sadness from their lives.

Sadness vs. Depression

Sadness can be a symptom of depression, but the two are not one and the same. It's important to understand the difference. Sadness is normal and usually related to a specific trigger such an event or situation which causes us to feel this way. Depression is characterized by a variety of symptoms and persists for at least two weeks in duration. Conversely, periods of sadness can reoccur on and off or persist without severely affecting a person's ability to function. Even though sadness is normal, it's important to seek help for persistent sadness before it becomes something that impacts your ability to manage daily life.

Resolving Sadness with Online Therapy

Online therapy for sadness can help people learn how to communicate their feelings of sadness and better understand the depth of their emotions. By thoroughly exploring the root causes of the sadness and the ways in which it continues to affect day-to-day life, people often find relief in sharing and are able to see clearly through the fog. This also makes it easier to resolve any underlying issues and enjoy life again.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

Sadness doesn't need to be fixed, covered up, or brushed off. Instead, therapy can provide helpful strategies to appropriately express sadness, communicate related needs to loved ones, and eventually, move past it and find happiness again. The experienced counselors and therapists at 7 Cups offer online therapy for sadness with affordable, anonymous, and convenient sessions.

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