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Growing up can be a tumultuous experience. There are bodily changes, psychological development, and social skills to be learned and mastered. Mental health struggles can make an already unsettling period even more of a challenge. As parents, there is nothing we want more than for our children to live happy, health lives. It can become very overwhelming and stressful when your child is experiencing any issue that affects their overall well-being. If you are a parent of a child or teen with developmental, behavioral, or emotional issues, speak with one of our online therapists today. We offer online counseling for parents of troubled teens and children .

Influences on a young person's mental health

Events that seem trivial in adulthood can have a large impact during life's early years. Even so-called “good” stressors, like the birth of a sibling, can affect childrens' understanding of their place in life. Other influences can include – but are not limited to – school expectations, family stress or domestic violence, divorce, physical or sexual abuse, the death of a loved one, bullying, excessive responsibility, and more.

What is “normal?”

There are measurable ways to know if a child is going through normal growing pains or if an issue is larger and interfering with appropriate development. Look for symptoms like trouble sleeping or nightmares, periods of intense energy or frequent tantrums, avoiding friends or activities they used to enjoy, declining grades, self-harm (including substance abuse), low energy or fatigue, constant fidgeting, worry or anxiety can all be indications that a child is struggling. If your child or adolescent is experiencing any of the above signs and symptoms, we encourage you to have them speak to our online therapists.

Speaking to an online therapists about troubled teens and children

We know that parenting isn't easy, especially if your child is struggling. Just remember, you are not alone. Whether you are looking for new ways to cope or just need someone to talk to, we are here to offer you a kind, listening ear.

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“Lisa has been amazing! I always felt heard, never judged and always left conversations feeling like I had another way to see a situation in a positive light and not carry so much negativity in myself. Over the past year, which has had many ups and downs, I always felt like Lisa helped me through and get a handle on some of the darkest moments. Thank you so much for helping me move forward!!! 😊”

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