How to get rid of self harm scars?

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How to get rid of self harm scars?
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November 10th, 2014 10:29pm
There are cremes and other stuff you can put on scars to make them less visible. This can really make it (almost) disappear
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June 24th, 2018 9:19am
I find that when you do it give it a day or two to scab and apply sudocrem. I have also put it on scars and they are fading rapidly

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Top Rated Answers
November 7th, 2014 1:10pm
Bio oil is fantastic for getting rid of scars and making your skin clear again. However, you don't need to get rid of them.
July 16th, 2018 1:36am
Looking for answers on the internet...we've all been there. I just want you to know you don't have to figure this out on your own. I know this might not be something you want to discuss with your friends or family, but if you join this site you can get free, anonymous support from trained listeners and a huge support community. Nobody is here to judge.
September 18th, 2014 9:38pm
Bio-oil works pretty well in the long term, also gentle exfoliation helps. Sometimes scars will never completely go away but there are ways of making them less visible:)
September 14th, 2014 7:16am
I used to self harm myself. I found this one product called scar guard and it seemed to work well for my situation. Personally if they are seriously large or that doesn't seem to work you could always see a Dermatologists for better help.
October 2nd, 2014 12:31am
There is scar reducing lotion or ointments you can get that kinda get rid of them, depending on how bad the scar is .
November 4th, 2014 5:58am
I used Mederma, and vitamin E oil also works. I was also told by my old therapist that there is a new patch on the market. It silicone and you can cut it into strips to fit your scars. It's expensive, but it works wonders.
November 8th, 2014 11:35pm
Rubbing BioOil or a similar oil into self-harm scars can reduce their appearance and depending on the severity may even get rid of them all together.
August 13th, 2015 4:59pm
Mostly, without extensive corrective surgery, there is not much we can do to get rid of them. There are some topical products which can reduce their visibility, but they only work to a small extent. I find it more strengthening to learn to accept them as part of you; as part of your journey. I have some rather large ones on my upper arm and thought I would never be able to go to the pool or the beach ever again because of how much embarrassment I felt when I thought of others judging me. I can't say for sure what has changed about my view of them over the years but I have grown to accept them as part of me. I refuse to be ashamed by them any longer and now I almost feel as if they are badges I can wear with pride. Like "Look, I had some serious stress in the past but I'm still standing!". Occasionally I catch people glancing at them when I wear tank tops. At the market, or when I'm giving a stranger directions, but I don't worry about what they think any longer. It almost feels good to be recognized. For them to see my scars and then see the smile on my face. I like to think they're having some troubles of their own and thinking "Wow, he's gone through some tough stuff and seems like he came out OK. Maybe I can be OK too." You never know who you could be helping simply by showing your true skin.
November 20th, 2014 11:03am
Cover them up with tattoos, or work on tanning over them if they're not too deep. Some of your scars might fade in time, although unfortunately you will always know they're there.
March 11th, 2015 12:39am
Figuring out how to get rid of self harm scars from previous self harming is a really tough thing to do. Most people use some sort of make-up. I would see a dermatologist if you have health insurance! But the best answer is to go see someone for self harm help and try to stop. Good luck and hang in there! It gets easier.
July 2nd, 2015 9:27am
My upper left arm has some deep scarring. I was always ashamed of it. One day this guy said to me "I have those too." He showed me his arm but I didn't notice his scars because his entire arm had a beautiful tattoo. So two years ago I got a half sleeve beautiful tattoo on my left arm. The tattooist had a tricky time tattooing on some parts and I can still feel the raised lines of the scar, but when people say my arm now all they say is compliments. Now I don't hide my arm in shame anymore.
November 12th, 2014 5:43am
Use BioOil. It gets rid of scars, wrinkles, etc. However, keep in mind that you scars are not something you should hate or want to desperately get rid of, especially for aesthetic purposes.
November 11th, 2014 9:27pm
It can depend on what the scars look like and the severity of them. You can use cocoa butter to help soften them and slowly fade. As well there is Bio-Oil that does work wonders
August 17th, 2015 6:38am
I have self-harmed scar on my arms since my childhood. Recently I have undergone the acne scar treatment from Fairview Laser cosmetic surgery clinic in Toronto. Waiting for the moment when these scars would completely disappear from my arms.
October 3rd, 2014 7:44pm
There are creams that help heal the scars, that you can find at pharmacies, avoid scratching the wounds, and along with the cream the scars will fade away with time. From experience ( but not sure of this) sun bathing seems to help too. Lastly there's also make-up, that can be laid on the skin to hide the scars for a temporary solution.
August 5th, 2015 9:17am
Apply lemon to the scar. Lemons contain alpha hydroxy acids(AHA) which help to remove dead skin cells, help new cells grow, and bring back some elasticity to the skin. As a natural bleach, it can help lighten scars. Make sure the scar and surrounding area are cleaned thoroughly Put 1 teaspoon of lemon juice on a cotton ball Rub the cotton ball on the scarred area Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off Lemon juice may make your skin sensitive to light, so consider wearing sunscreen wherever you applied it when going outside Use honey. Raw honey can also be used to fade scars. It is a natural moisturizer, can be effective in the treatment of wounds, and stimulates tissue regeneration. Mix 2 tbsp. of raw honey with 2 tbsp. of baking soda Massage for 3 minutes Place a hot washcloth over the area When the washcloth has cooled, use it to wipe the area clean
October 17th, 2014 12:12pm
Well I don't think getting rid of your scars is a good idea but you can cover them in concealer :)!
November 7th, 2014 7:18pm
There are products that can help the scars fade away with time,I've never tried it but I heard that vitamine E can be beneficial and that hydroquinone cream can help whitening red scars. Also there are different type of oils that can help. I'm sure that there are surgical ways to reduce prominent scars with lasers but then again, I've never tried it. With time scars tend to make themself less visible and white! don't be ashamed of your scars, I know people often judge, but you really have nothing to be ashamed for! stay strong
November 20th, 2014 11:23am
Some scars you wont be able to get rid of. However, the color and bumpiness of a scar can be decreased with various topical creams - some home remedies work, some scar products are sold at stores. Just know that it won't be a quick solution. So if you need a scar 'gone' in a month, it probably wont happen. HOWEVER, on the long-term scale, most scars can become exceedingly faded and hard to see. Most of my scars aren't very from a distance now. In general, my scars appear to be significantly diminished 6 months - 2 years after they began healing. Your healing time will vary by your skin, the injury, how you cared for the wound when it occurred, and where the wound is on your body. I hope these comments help! Best of luck. Stay safe.
November 14th, 2014 7:52pm
There are certain creams, ointments and gels that can help making scars less visible. Depending on how deep your scars are, they might fade on their own over time. If you have new cuts, try treating them immediately and try to keep them hydrated as they heal, that makes them less visible once they're healed.
November 9th, 2014 12:47pm
I heard that bio oil helps. I think that scrubbing and moisturizing them helps. For covering them up you can just layer foundation and concealer (green concealer helps against redness).
November 9th, 2014 9:39pm
They sometimes fade with time, but otherwise I don't know of any method that really gets rid of them.
August 15th, 2015 1:59pm
Many scars will fade with time, and unfortunately some will never fade. It is crucial through that at the time of self harming, you take care of yourself and your wound really well, and as it heals keep it clean, then continue to keep the fresh skin moisturized. Scars can be a painful reminder for some people, but you know what, we all have our scars, either physically or mentally, and scars are a sign of survival! So proud of each of you!
November 2nd, 2014 11:40pm
Unfortunately, you must wait. Only time will heal your scars. You can speed up the process by eating foods that benefit the skin or taking supplements known to help skin regeneration.
October 30th, 2014 4:42am
Scars can be difficult to get rid of, but if you want to remove them there are certain oils that have been known to help. For example, vitamin E oil or coconut, rubbed on the scar has helped reduce several of my scars. When I burned myself with my straightener, I put Homeopathic Calendula Cream on my burn and it got rid of the majority of the scar. Here's a website that might be helpful if you're interested in using other oils:
November 4th, 2014 11:36pm
Bio oil works really well to reduce the redness and to blend them into your skin! It makes them less noticeable but unfortunately there is no way of getting rid of them completely.
May 8th, 2015 11:02am
It is impossible. I've tried. Self-harm scars stay there, and they never go away. I appreciate them because I know they're times when I had it hard, and I faced the problem.
March 29th, 2017 2:04am
Dermelastic serum really does help with stretch marks and scars. I have a large scar that is beginning to lighten due to using this serum. I also have some areas with stretch marks that are fading. I would recommend this serum to any one.
April 2nd, 2015 2:20pm
You can put lotion on them every day two times. You can also gets scar and stretch mark cream. I have my own bottle and it helps with both. Stay Strong!! :)
June 21st, 2015 4:46pm
Sometimes they will never be 100% faded, but bio oil or vitamin e oil works very well. You can pick some up at a local drug store. Also, avoid tanning as it makes them appear more clearly.
July 9th, 2015 11:01am
Unfortunately, you cannot erase scars, but what you can do is make them less noticeable. You can use silicone sheets (obtained from a pharmacy) to lighten and flatten scars. You may also want to consider over-the-counter scar reducers. If all else fails, don't hesitate to speak to a dermatologist. They can inform you about other medical procedures to reduce scars, such as laser treatment, cryosurgery, punch grafts, or chemical peels.
March 14th, 2016 9:47am
just use normal cream for scars that you can buy at the chemist. if you need to talk i'm here with open ears
October 26th, 2014 2:53pm
Well, taking good care of any wounds is essential- if they are particularly bad please do seek medical help if necessary. If you're going to take care of it yourself, clean and cover the wound to prevent infection and change any plasters or bandages regularly. Old wounds could perhaps be improved by using various creams like Bio-Oil (I haven't used it myself, so I can't speak for it's efficacy) and there are a lot of cover ups available too, something intended to cover birthmarks may work.
November 5th, 2014 8:39pm
There are a lot of over the counter scar creams that work. They don't work overnight, or even over a month. Be patient with them. Also, consulting a doctor can help, and they could potentially give you something that works faster.
May 22nd, 2018 6:12pm
I've found that used cocoa butter or cocoa butter based lotions can really help show results in helping scars fade. Sometimes the color of the scars flare up again but most of the time, the scars aren't as noticeable as they once were.
November 6th, 2014 7:05pm
Scars, not only on the skin but also the ones in our souls, they fade away slowly. You could also cover them with some make up until they start fading away
November 7th, 2014 10:44am
There are a variety of difference oils and creams available in high street stores, which are designed to reduce the appearance of scars and other skin conditions, such as stretch marks. there are options for surgery, tattoos and make up as well
June 19th, 2015 6:07pm
They take forever to go no matter what you do but bio oil helps speed it up so do other oils. They may take long but speed up the time by a lot.
June 27th, 2015 1:49pm
You unfortunately cannot get rid of them. You can, however, cover them up with concealer. They will fade over time. You can also go to your dermatologist for a scar-healing ointment.
August 16th, 2015 11:10pm
try bio oil that doesnt work you can use body scrubs to get rid of old skin to regenerate new skin
August 12th, 2015 3:08am
I've struggled with getting rid of self harm scars myself. I don't think they ever will go away, or not for a long time at least. But they remind me of what I've been through and that I'm still standing and that is something to be proud about.
September 30th, 2015 9:06pm
Try some collagen! It really works like magic. Also some aloe vera cream would be great as well. The best think though is carex oil. If you apply it on a wound it is treated in a day or two, its the most efficient herb out there!
January 15th, 2016 5:23pm
you can't necessarily get rid of scars, but try aloe gel. I heard lemon juice works to bleach them, but covering them up with makeup is an option, too.
May 7th, 2015 2:42pm
There really isn't a way to actually get rid of the. Some scars will fade after some time goes by but in general they're going to stick around. If you feel uncomfortable with them then you can try putting a little bit of concealer over them, but they're really nothing to be ashamed of. They're a part of you, but they don't define you.
May 10th, 2015 5:46pm
Things such as vitamin E, BioOil, and Mederma can help considerably. Also, protecting them from the sun helps.
June 19th, 2015 5:11am
You can buy creams that help fading scars :) Also, talking to a dermetologist about skincare and scar fading can be beneficial.
February 11th, 2016 2:49am
Except for keloid scars, most scars will fade on their own even without treatment. Of course, Cryotherapy can be used if need be.
February 11th, 2016 7:31am
Well, you could try honey, lemon, aloe vera gel, or tea tree oil. Continuous applications of said items worked for me. Other than that, you could always use a big fluffy sweater and an awesome cover story.
March 16th, 2016 5:36am
It's hard to get rid of self-harm scars, But hiding them can be easier. You can wear clothing that covers them, or if they are on your arms, wear bracelets/a bandana? As far as getting rid of them, There are several scar treatment gels and creams that may help reduce the appearance of scars. Bio-Oil, Mederma, petroleum jelly, Selevax, Dermefface FX7, Revitol Scar Cream, Kelo-Cote Scar Gel. Home Remedies include extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, aloe vera, vitamin E oil, apply daily to scars to lighten/heal faster. Other options are getting a tattoo to cover the scar or my personal favorite, accepting them as a time in your life that you struggled, although you might want to avoid talking about them or showing them. They are a sign of personal growth and strength, don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)
March 16th, 2016 3:11pm
In my opinion self harm scars are not something to be ashamed of. I have many self harm scars on my arms and they are a constant reminder to me that I am a strong person and conquered whatever it was that was thrown my way. Sure other people look at them like a sign of weakness or have called me a freak and self absorbed person for them, but they will never know how strong I am and how much I went through just to be there.
March 17th, 2016 10:51am
Don't self harm ever again. My scars took about a year to lighten after i stopped. Take good care of your body and skin. For temporary fix, use concealer or long sleeves
March 19th, 2016 11:21am
Time will take for self harm scars to heal, it depends on how deep it is, one can use make up to cover it up, applying petroleum jelly on fresh scars can really help. :)
March 19th, 2016 3:04pm
You can't really ever et rid of self harm scars.... I try my best to use makeup and cover them. Once your it, they're there forever. Remember that.
March 19th, 2016 4:52pm
Self harm scars can be a contant reminded of the things you've faced. Sometimes people like to see them to see what they've achieved and how far they've came other people would rather not be reminded. To get rid of them you could use Bio-oil I have fount this useful but to cover up my most recent I'm having a tattoo to cover them so when I see where they used to be I'd be faced with art not a reminder of my struggles.
March 23rd, 2016 9:26pm
there is no way that i know of to completly get rid of scars like that, some people go to use makeup. others just where clothing that doesnt reveal them
March 23rd, 2016 11:07pm
It might be difficult to get rid of the scars cause the healing takes a lot of time but by regular cleaning, letting the scars get some fresh air and using scar creams and lotions everyday should make the healing easier
March 24th, 2016 12:40am
Well you can't really get rid of them. I still have mine from 5 years ago. Sure, they'll eventually fade, but they won't go away.
March 26th, 2016 4:15am
scars can just fade overtime, but to quicken it bengay can help and you can use concealer for cover up
March 26th, 2016 8:54am
It all depends on what self harm scars there is. Mentally, and emotionally; you can overcome. Physically, just have time, and heal.
March 27th, 2016 9:04am
DermalMD Stretch Mark serum is really moisturizing, but without being greasy! It's very light and doesn't have a heavy or displeasing scent either. I'm really pleased with my results so far. I've only been using DermalMD serum for a few days, but I honestly already see my stretch marks are fading somewhat. I believe with more use they will lighten much more! I have both light and very deep dark stretch marks, and the darker ones are considerably lighter. This doesn't burn my skin or cause any other discomfort.
Recent Answers
May 7th, 2018 3:45am
they don't go away, i have tried expensive creams they help a little but not as much. they are still noticeable. i just learned to accept them
August 30th, 2016 3:38pm
Self harm scars can take a while to fade and some don't fade completely. Bio oil, sunlight and cocoa butter and things that can help reduce scarring.
July 28th, 2016 7:18pm
You can use different cremes and lotions, but more effective way is to make a tattoo or tattoos. You can cover your scars with white-ink tats for example, they're more tender than the ordinary ones. See some of them. I think it's the right solution of your problem.
May 31st, 2016 7:54pm
To get rid of self harm scars you should use bio oil or cell tone oil it will help you get rid of scars
May 4th, 2016 10:24pm
Like others have mentioned bio oil can help reduce the appearance of scars. Another option (although it is very expensive) is the creme de le mer (I'm sure that's what it's called). Apparent,y it was designed by a man to help reduce his wife's scars - I don't know what type of scars but there you go!
April 4th, 2016 2:27am
lemon juice bleaches them if they're dark n i've also found that pure coconut oil works wonders! i'm not sure why it works, but mine are hardly noticeable now, so maybe that's something y'all would want to try x but also, unless you feel they have to vanish, don't be ashamed of them, they show that you fought your way through a bad time in your life
April 3rd, 2016 11:00am
there is no real way to get rid of them besides time. you can buy all the creams and pills in the world but the best thing out there is just time & patience. one day your scars will fade but they'll never leave.
April 3rd, 2016 12:49am
I am an addicted self-harmer and I find it very hard, especially when there is high scar tissue on obvious parts of your body. I wear sleeves majority of the time and long pants but you obviously can't do that every day for the rest of you life can you? When I'm not wearing sleeves I often wear make up, water proof spray tan (if I'm going in water) and for the places with high scar tissue Ii sometimes use liquid layex. It's just like another skin and its clear. It's also extremely easy to apply. The only negative is that it can be quite expensive. Nowadays I tend to not actually bother with any of this though because it takes a lot of time and effort to do it. Also I found that I was constantly stressing over if they were properly covered. It's not like Ii didn't do a good job or anything it's just that Ii was constantly paranoid about it. So i told my family and closest friends, and now I don't really worry about it too much, and it's not like I advertise it. Also I'm not saying that I don't get the sideway looks or the constant questions but I do feel better about not having to hide that part of myself anymore, and I think it has made me stronger.
April 2nd, 2016 3:45pm
apply body lotion on them daily. Twice a day. Hopefully it will help. You can try normal body moisturiser too.
March 31st, 2016 9:52pm
Those scars at first can be a painful reminder, but eventually they become something that show what you survived, that showed your strength. Do not be ashamed. However if you want them gone, depending on the severity, you can have gorgeous tattoo covers, and you can get good creams for scars, or go speak to your doctor. There is a different solution for everyone, I hope you find the right one for you
March 31st, 2016 6:58am
If it's not too big or deep, it'll usually heal over time. But if it turns out to be a keloid, then you'll probably have to laser it
March 20th, 2016 9:01am
First of all, congratulations for having enough courage to stop. Second, sometimes you can't really get rid of the scars. But learn to appreciate how far you came instead =)
March 13th, 2016 12:30am
The best cure is time. Scars will get better over time, and maintaining care for them through ointment and bandages. If you feel uncomfortable with anyone seeing your scars while they are healing cover them with bandages.
March 12th, 2016 11:50pm
Well, sometimes you can't. I tell all my friends that have self harmed they are their battle scars. . They don't mind seeing them because they think of how bad their life was back then, and now when they look at it, they smile because they see how faded they are and how far they have come!
March 12th, 2016 6:24am
love your body as you are,scars have built you to be strong, also there is cream at target helps....
March 12th, 2016 5:16am
Cocoa butter is a good one! make sure the scars are well moisturized 24/7. also dont let them get damaged by sunburn or anything, itll prolong the scarring!
March 11th, 2016 12:41pm
Sadly, scars are tough to get rid of. However, cocoa butter cream can help reduce the appearance of self-harm scars as well as other things like stretch marks. You can also (lightly) apply green/blue eyeshadow/makeup along not fully healed scars, or darker-than-normal foundation over healed scars - usually over cream foundation but under powder foundation, if you wear both - to reduce the appearance too.
March 11th, 2016 9:11am
I used to just wear lots of bracelets but the truth is I wouldn't know how to get rid of them.. I plan on getting a tattoo to cover them tho!
March 11th, 2016 2:19am
They have cocoa butter lotion and that gets rid of most scars over a certain period of time as long as you apply daily.
March 10th, 2016 7:31am
Hi! I've recently faced the same problem and I did some research on that. I found out that you can buy some special creams to conceal the scars and make them smoother in the long term. You can also have a laser operation to remove your scars permanently, although it costs much more. Hope it helps! Good luck!
February 11th, 2016 8:10pm
I use aloe Vera after sun gel- works very well. Other methods could be something like Mederma scar cream, baby lotion or lotion with aloe or Shea butter.
February 10th, 2016 2:03am
Silicon gel sheets can reduce self-harm scars within 2-4 months. Mederma, a topical gel, can also aid in reducing the appearance of scars. Bio-oil is another solution.
February 7th, 2016 1:28pm
Personally, I use a bio-oil that helps to fade scars. I can't remember exactly what it's called, nor where I bought it. However, I think it's originally meant to fade stretch marks, but it works wonders on scars as well.
February 7th, 2016 6:41am
I would put vaseline on them and bandaids until they healed and then put toner mixed with lemon juice on them in the morning and before sleeping.
February 7th, 2016 3:38am
Gah-if only we knew it was this hard before hand, hey? This depends on where the scars are and if they're actually scars or if they're healing tissue. Perventative care is the best first thing you can do. Make sure if you end up self harming , you take care of your wounds right away! But now if it's actual scars, reju. Skin peel care items help. Beyond that,bathe in vinegar. Take care of You ♡
February 6th, 2016 7:35am
Self harm scars will eventually disappear by themselves. It will take time since the skin is repairing itself but the scars will fade
February 5th, 2016 11:53pm
Try scar reduction cream or something of that sort. Bio-oil is an option that lessens their appearances, but if the scars are very deep, it might not get rid of them altogether.
February 5th, 2016 11:13pm
While time is the best way to let it heal, oils and creams can help the process along. If you really need to hide scars quickly, a bit of make up should do the trick.
February 4th, 2016 10:27pm
Using Bio Oil is a good way of decreasing the visibility of scars but it is not always possible to get rid of self harm scars as they can be very deep.