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IsayUncle |
Member - Pacing Forward

July 25 2021
7-Cups has been amazing for me but it didn't start that way. I joined on October 13 2021 and I almost quit because it is a big organization and I didn't understand all the sections, communities, sub-communities, threads and etc. Not only that, I couldn't find a listener quickly and then I couldn't relate...... So..... I was ready to go. BUT I got lucky, I met a member called bestVase7265 in the "Depression Support Group" - "Journal Support Check In". This member nurtured me until I found a path. I am close to getting my CDL-A. I Got my CDL-B and drive a school bus. I also got Certified for installing septic systems. I'm still not making enough money to pay all my bills but really getting closer. I've become more involved with 7-Cups and I now am at peace with my challenges and try to help others with thiers.

If You Are A Newbie and do not get satisfaction quickly, Pease, Please keep poking around. There are so many caring people and incentives here; you are bound to stumble onto a blessing sooner than you think. 

October 13 2021
Hi 7 Cups community. I’m glad you are here and I found you. I’m a 61 years old male. I love life and want to get back to it, without the ego. What got me in this hole, that I can’t get out of is a very long story but the abbreviated version is I don’t trust anyone that should be close to me. It’s not just my recent separation and my entire family alienating me during this time. It’s realizing I have been alienating myself for my entire live. I’m the baby of 7 and raised in a dysfunctional family. My parents and Brothers have all passed and I have a few sisters living and a lot of nieces and nephews. Loving life and being optimistic is a good thing but developing an egotistical personality will ruin everything. I don’t even trust myself anymore. I’m solution minded. Past jobs, Auto Mechanic-Jet Engine Mechanic-Carpenter-Home Improvement Contractor. I tried to start a stained-glass business, I loved that. Unsuccessfully self employed since 1985 but I always worked very hard. I’ve never been lazy. I’m not dependent on drugs or alcohol but do partake occasionally. I realize now I have No people skills and no book smarts. Those factors hindered my success chances. My hands-on skills are my gifts. I have a little acreage in a rural part of the U.S. that I want to build into an Activity Vacation Rental place. I currently have no money and no job. I wanted to be the greatest Uncle ever but my “Gruff, No Crybaby, Mr. know-it-all” persona did not endear my younger generation and struggling souls to me. I hope to be a positive influence before I get too much older. Right now, though, I’m having a hard time finding enough energy to get out of bed, compounding my guilt, inadequacy and shame. I try to maintain cleanliness and care for my three dogs.

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