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whenitsdarklookforstars |
Listener - Connoisseur

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5.0 star rating

Currently not taking chats with new members. Thanks for understanding. 

Hey amazing human! Thanks for stopping by and reading my bio! 💜

First of all, I just wanted to say that you are doing great, no matter if everything else makes you think otherwise! You. Are. Amazing! 💜

(Para minha biografia em Português, por favor clique aqui)

You can call me Stars, Dark or Lu! 💟  (or "a dark sky full of stars" according to le wond
erful @emotionalTalker2260 :P)

💜 Things to note about me as a listener: 💜
 I do not take schizophrenia/psychosis chats. 
 I never take more than one chat at a time, so my attention is 100% focused on you. 
 My timezone is HKT (ET + 12), and I'm usually online during my daytime hours! 😴☀️
 I usually tend to write quite long, bulky messages, so don't worry if I haven't immediately replied when we're chatting (I'm here for you, always!)
 I usually don't take chats that are longer than 1 hour, but if you message me we can schedule a longer chat! 
 My status is 99.9% of the time offline, which doesn't mean that I'm not on cups! My response time is maximum 3 days 💗
 I am usually offline on weekends! If you need immediate support, check out the "Browse Listeners" Page

💜 My roles here on 7Cups: 💜
Verified listener
• Safety Patrol
• Peer supporter
Chat supporter
• Listener verifier

 QLP graduate & mentor
• Teen community star for the Healthy Living sub-community
• Support Team Teen Star for the Support Room 24/7 project
• Chatroom moderator
• Care team guide
• Doorkeeper
• Discussion host
Listener sharing circle host

If you want to know more about any of these roles, feel free to click here and don't hesitate to message me! I would be so happy and honoured to see you pop in any of these discussions some time! 💜

💜 Wall of appreciation: 💜
• @shiningSky3745 best and funniest guy ever 💕 Literally impossible to not laugh your face off talking to him. My Hamilton twin 💓 #favouritefightingfrenchman 

  @SparklingSeashells- #telepathybuddy 💚I appreciate you soooo much, and I hope you know that you have a true heart of gold 💗Time flies when chatting with you! (and psst, I get the final word XD)

  @Victor04 - I know that I can always count on you to make moi smilee! Your never-ending light shines brighter than the stars! My wonderful big bro, I appreciate you 💗

Other people that I appreciate more than loads with all of my heart:  @Bubbles2025 @kieran000 @LoveLilly @lueurspace @jessrabbit7 @sia1325 @Angelx28 @mamtasha22 @Kara13V @BeautyOfGrace
 @DonaldDraper @Sunisshiningandsoareyou @NovaGalaxy

To dearest @Emily328 💗 I miss you loads! Hope you're as bright as always, friend! 

💜 Some random things about me: 💜
 I am a vegetarian 🐮❤️
 I love "Grey's Anatomy" and "Hamilton"! 
• I absolutely love reading (currently reading "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou!) 📚

If you have any book, movie or song recommendations, feel free to pop me a message; we can talk for ages! 😝

#HopeForHappyFeet ❣️

#edgang #edgangforever

And remember:
when it rains, look for the rainbow, and when it's dark, look for stars! 🌟💕

Number of Ratings: 38
Number of Reviews: 36
Listens to Teens
Languages English, Portuguese
Listener Since Feb 24, 2021
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 207
Cheers 65,289
People Helped 84
Chats 492
Group Support Chats 197
Listener Group Chats 171
Forum Posts 531
Forum Upvotes 1,061
Feedback & Reviews
very nice and caring
she's amazing i love her/him for being so honest and supportive towards me
I liked her very much. She's a very good listener. And a good friend. ☺️
Overall one of the best listeners I’ve had
They are a really good listener
Let's see.. they're literally perfect as a listener. They made me feel really comfortable sharing my story and made me feel heard afterwards. The more chats I schedule with them the more I admire them to be honest haha. They're absolutely wonderful and lovely! Talking to them isn't only comforting and really helpful getting my thoughts and feelings together but is also fun. I could see myself talk to them all day and not get bored. 10^100000/10!
It was awesome
If you're looking for a perfect listener, this is the one 😎 they're so incredibly amazing haha! They listened really well and made me feel heard and understood. And they're really sweet and fun to talk to, I could talk to them for hours and not get bored. I'd say they're the best listener I have talked to on 7 cups and even in real life. Made me feel better and gave me the support even my family never was able to give.
you're patient and a perfect listener
Absolutely amazing! So attentive and sent lots of text showing that they understood. Stars and I goofed around on my listeners but really took what I was saying seriously. Stars, from the beginning to end, you were there for me. You were attentive and you made me feel a lot better. You are an amazing listener, and anyone would be lucky to talk to you. You are kind, patient, and validating my feelings when others didnt. You truly are doing amazing, and I hope you see that. Stars, thank you for everything, truly. You are an incredible listener and I’m glad to have met you. Keep up the amazing work, and I can’t wait to grow our friendship. Thanks for everything you do for me and 7 cups. Keep it up! ~B
Very understanding, patient and really helped me get some things off my chest
Great chat lovely person
Sweet and attentive.
Understanding and nice
Amazing person and listener, plus very responsive and caring!
This person was so helpful
SHe is one of the best
Absolutely incredible, was so nice to me
Helpful listeninget understanding trustworthy
very caring and a great listener
Very poggers, they were very helpful and sweet
Great listener. Highlights positivity whilst still acknowledging pain. Very well spoken.
they absolutely understood what i was going through, and put it in words that I couldnt find. I loved talking with them, and they were very patient and kind. Thank you so much for your help!!
Understanding and sweet.... wanted to listen
Lu helped me very well in my situtation with my bf!
Nice and understanding
They helped me with through one of my biggest insecurities/issues and for that they get 5 stars!
The. absolute. Most. amazing. Listener I have ever had. They were empathetic and understanding. They let me vent and helped me understand what I was feeling. Plus, they love books, so, automatically awesome.
very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They. really. helped and were a great listener. They asked all the right questions and gave some really nice feedback :)
they’re a very good listener!
Awesome chat with: whenitsdarklookforstars aka lu! I loved her!!
very good listener
Really helpful! awesome, and hoping to chat again :))
Good. Very good.
It was very helpful and a great listener and very smart and patient.
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