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Group Leadership & Development
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This is a sub-community for The Group Leadership and Dynamics Development. The program focuses on the communication and leadership behavior of individuals within group structures. The theoretical and practical knowledge are used to explore the stages of group development, decision-making techniques, group dynamics, group problem and solving, group leadership skills, cultural sensitivity, norms, and interpersonal dynamics within groups. 

More information here!

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Community Resources

Application - Application to apply to the GLDD Program.
Checklist Listener - Checklist for the Listener Track of the program.

Checklist Member - Checklist for the Member Track of the program 

Weekly Tracking Form - Weekly check-in so that we can make sure that your making progress within the program 

Badge Request - Request form to get the GLDD Trainee Badge

Project Submission - Submit your short project here before the end of the program. 

Mid-Evaluation - The halfway mark of your program, fill this form so that we can make sure that you're on track. 

Final Step - The final form so you can get the GLDD Graduate Badge.