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Humans are inherently social creatures, so it makes sense that loneliness can be an intense and overwhelming feeling. You might feel like there isn't anyone you can confide in and lean on for support, but if you're feeling lonely, the online therapists at 7 Cups are always here for you.

Why Do I Feel So Lonely?

Although not always the case, loneliness can often be associated with other issues such as depression and anxiety. And you don't necessarily have to be literally alone to feel lonely. Many people who have a social network and are in relationships feel loneliness. Whether you're feeling lonely because of depression, anxiety or for another reason, speaking to a therapist can be a huge help.

How Do I Deal with These Feelings?

With the guidance of a therapist, you can learn more about what may be causing your loneliness, how to feel more connected and how to cope with your feelings in a healthy way. Talking with someone can help you to work on ways to reduce the feeling of being alone and build healthy connections.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

If you're struggling with feelings of loneliness, you don't have to feel like you're alone any longer. The online therapists at 7 Cups are always here to lend our ear and give you advice. We can help you overcome these feelings and help you through any underlying issues that come along with your loneliness. Don't hesitate to contact us right away.

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“She seems to be a good listener. Non Judgemental and supportive. ”

Received: June 2nd
Therapist: @JenniferPattersonLMFTATRBC

“Makes me feel heard and creates a safe space for me to work through my thoughts and emotions. Thank you Lisa”

Received: May 31st
Therapist: @LisaDeRegtMBPsS

“good therapist. Helped me when i was really scared of say things and thoughts.”

Received: May 31st
Therapist: @BrookeBowenLPC