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How do I stay focused on my activities and online school??

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Last Updated: 01/02/2021 at 3:26am
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January 2nd, 2021 3:26am
This is a good question! I will be focusing mainly on the online school part of this question, since I am not sure whether you mean online activities or something else. It can be difficult to focus on responsibilities that are online because there are so many different possible distractions. One thing that might be helpful is identifying the factors that make it most difficult to focus, and then if possible, remove them from the equation. For example, if you find yourself going on your phone in the middle of online school, (or activities if in your question you meant online activities) it might be helpful to leave your phone in a different room or at least put it far away from you if that is an option. If your online school is happening through meetings, and you have the option to put on your camera, that might be helpful. I understand that you may not be required to turn the camera on or may not be comfortable, but if you are, it is a great way to encourage you to focus more on what’s going on in the meeting. Another suggestion is sitting in an area where you are comfortable (but preferably not your bed, as that can be more distracting than helpful) such as a comfy chair and desk. Having a daily agenda or schedule of things you want to get done also might help you stay focused as you are aware of your goals and can see then written out in front of you. I hope these suggestions help! Good luck with staying focused, I understand it isn’t always easy, just trying your best is enough