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I think I might be schizophrenic, but I'm afraid if I bring my concerns to a doctor, they'll tell me there's nothing wrong even if there is, because I already think I have it. What do I do?

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Last Updated: 12/09/2021 at 11:55pm
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July 22nd, 2016 4:43am
I fully understand your concern and have been there (somewhat). If you don't mind me asking, why do you think you have schizophrenia?
May 14th, 2017 4:21am
Hmm; sounds like you are concerned your doctor might not be completely honest with you. But you are also wondering if you are schizophrenic; that's a big question to be carrying around. What makes you think you might be schizophrenic?
July 21st, 2016 7:00pm
You should go anyway or maybe go to a therapist instead and tell them what's going on. If they disagree with you, i'm sure they will have their reasons for it and maybe those reasons will convince you that you're wrong. And it's highly unlikely that they will say there is nothing wrong at all, in all likelihood if you think you have schizophrenia something is going on. Even if they do, no matter how unlikely it is does it really matter? People are wrong sometimes, even doctors. If you have that mental illness his opinion about it won't make it any less (or more) real.
July 21st, 2016 2:19am
Get some tests done by professional doctors and get a few opinions to be sure. Thats the best that you can do.
July 25th, 2016 10:01pm
Seeking professional advice would soothe your worries about your well being, and that's really important - your well being! You seem stressed because of the unknown, and that's understandable. Though, gaining clarity over someone who is educated within the field, like a psychologist or a psychiatrist, would definitely help - a professional will know if you have schizophrenia or not. Sharing your worries with psychologist will clear your doubts. Letting the worry linger might cause your stress to grow and become unbearable.
July 21st, 2016 3:58pm
The best think you can do is ask for professional advise ,like consult a doctor, and after that you can work on trying to get the necessary help.
August 3rd, 2016 1:51pm
Doctors are usually pretty helpful. Try to find someone you trust and can be open with them. They will test you to ensure you are or are not schizophrenic .. they can tell what the symptoms are and if you have any of them
June 22nd, 2017 3:48pm
How frightening and confusing that must be for you. The only way you can really know for sure is to get a proper diagnosis. There could be other things that are causing you to have these feelings. A diagnosis and treatment plan can address your concerns and hopefully put you on the path to feeling much better. Hugs....
July 24th, 2016 4:23pm
Even if you feel doubtful about it, you have to seek professional help so you can get the help you need.
October 22nd, 2016 9:08pm
Since schizophrenia is a serious disorder, it is very important to bring it up to a doctor. A well-trained and qualified doctor will be able to tell you if what you're experiencing is schizophrenia or another mental health disorder (many times, people think they have schizophrenia when they are actually experiencing an anxiety disorder, which exacerbates the fear). If you are experiencing symptoms such as paranoia and hearing voices, it's best to make that clear to a doctor. And if it turns out that schizophrenia is not what you are experiencing, try to accept that and resolve the actual underlying issue. Best of luck!
November 2nd, 2016 9:24pm
I would just tell the doctor the symptoms you're experiencing, asking him for his opinion on what that could be, without telling him your thoughts on it in the beginning. After that, if he doesn't talk about shizophrenic, I would ask if that might be a possibility. If you're still not happy with his answers then, you could go to another doctor, see if he says something else. I'd say you might want to be open for other explanations, maybe it is not what you think.
April 27th, 2017 8:13pm
For starters, you relax. I believe you should tell yourself that it's okay to feel the way that you do. I'm no one to advise you but how about you tell the doctor all the symptoms you're facing, ensure that you don't fabricate anything honey as it'll do you no good. They're professionals, if they come to diagnose you, you may share them how you feel about all the symptoms. Just believe in yourself, and know that no matter what happens, it's always meant to lead you to something good.
June 14th, 2017 1:10pm
It is always best to go to a doctor, if not, a therapist. They will find if there is anything going on with you that is out of the ordinary.
July 7th, 2017 2:30am
Talk to a licensed therapist or psychiatrist, If you do have schizophrenia, it gets much worse if left untreated. You need to be running to their office. I have seen this disease completely destroy healthy people's lives. If you have it, it needs to be diagnosed and treated. If you don't have schizophrenia, it could be something else. A diagnosis is the first step in the treatment process. But please get help before it gets worse.
February 10th, 2019 3:26am
You should see a doctor if you have medical concerns, if you express enough concern they should refer you to a psychiatrist. There are early interventions and way to help with the treatment of schizophrenia, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. There is no shame in asking for an analysis and taking charge of your health, it is your responsibility. You should not worry about the outcomes as long as you are getting treatment for the correct disorder.
February 21st, 2019 4:52pm
Thats a topic I can talk out of personal experiences. If you are already thinking about having it or even knowing about it, it’s already in a further stage. A normal doctor can’t help you much with it, he isn’t trained in psychology. But if you go to a therapist they’ll help you. When you are sure that there is a second sight of your life, or somebody is talking with you in your head they will all see the signs. You don’t have to be paranoid if it cause they can really help you to get rid of the problem. I wish the best for you and pray for you.
August 15th, 2016 10:14pm
Find someone you trust to go with you to a health professional and be an advocate on your behalf.
August 21st, 2016 5:51pm
Just go to the doctor. If there is something wrong and you don't go, it will be worse than going and having nothing wrong with you.
October 27th, 2016 10:22am
Most doctors would rather have a thousand patients who come in with nothing wrong, than a thousand who dont come in because of that and actually have something wrong.
October 27th, 2016 2:30pm
You are usually your own doctor, so when you feel something is wrong usually you are right about it. So in this case just learn how to deal with what is wrong by referring to experienced people or just do it yourself by focusing on what you think is helping you or could help you
October 28th, 2016 1:45am
Keep in mind doctor's are there to help you. It is always important to state your concerns during a check up. They will most likely refer you to a psychiatrist.
December 1st, 2016 3:25am
I would suggest that you bring this issue to the doctor, so that you can have a more professional advice, and proper medication. It's no harm to tell them first, and see what they'll say, then make your own consideration. It's better to cure than letting it go serious.
December 31st, 2016 5:46am
I would seek a mental health clinic that way you could get a therapist and a psychiatrists opinion. There are a lot of distinct symptoms of being schizophrenic, doctors are pretty good at knowing the main causes of the mental disability.
January 25th, 2017 12:59am
The best thing to do would be to go to a psychiatrist. A doctor can diagnose A wide variety of illnesses, but a psychiatrist specializes in more concentrated knowledge. I would also go into great detail about what you are experiencing so you can get a proper diagnosis.
January 25th, 2017 4:06am
Schizophrenia is a disease which is fatal for your health and the people around you if you do not get diagnosed properly on time. Hence, it's advisable to go to a good psychiatrist whi can helo you to diagnose the problem underlying. You shouldn't self diagnose your disorders or diseases but if you have a slight doubt as to anything having wrong with you, you must consult a good psychiatrist who will help you to diagnos your problem.
February 5th, 2017 10:14pm
Get several opinions from different doctors, one may not agree, but if you get several opinions, you might get a better idea of what you have, and then resolving it can happen faster.
March 2nd, 2017 11:34pm
Your doctor will take you seriously so don't be afraid. Take the first step by making an appointment and take it one step at a time. The doctor will not dismiss you. Your health is their priority
March 29th, 2017 5:47pm
I think you should go to a doctor and let it all out. Don't worry, doctors won't let you down. They're trained professionally to cure and make things better for you.
May 3rd, 2017 8:03pm
Getting in touch with a qualified doctor is the first step, preferably a good psychiatrist. Don't surf Google or rely on books to diagnose yourself. Doctors deal with this quite a lot and they'll know if you have it. It is worse to live with the fear of having something you arnt sure of than knowing the truth. So please do pay a visit to a good doctor, I'm sure they can help you out :)
May 25th, 2017 6:20pm
First of all; breathe. The first thing to figuring things out is by breathing, if you get overly excited and panicky you'll make whatever is going on worse; you can in a panic actually create full blown disorders that you maintain with your excitement and upsetness. Next, look at how you're feeling and what's going on; What led up to feeling like this and does anything make it better? Last; after being calm talk to someone you trust and be open to what they have to say, from there you can decide to visit a doctor and such you can do it with a positive constructive attitude. These things only become problems when people panic and cause themselves worse issues.