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What am I if I liked my gender before but not anymore only oppisite? I need to know ASAP!!!

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Last Updated: 09/24/2019 at 7:29pm
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- Expert in LGBTQ+ Issues
September 24th, 2019 7:29pm
You might be a bisexual whose preference strongly varies with time, which can happen! Or you could be homosexual: sometimes, due to social conditioning or internalized mentalities / fears, people may end up convincing themselves they are something they're not. You may have wanted so hard to be straight that you convinced yourself you were, but repressed feelings won't hide forever. Whatever you are, it's important to listen to your feelings, and just live your life and give yourself a chance to be happy. You can choose whatever label you feel describes you best, or no label at all. What truly matters is your happiness!
June 26th, 2018 3:20am
This can happen with almost everything. Self discovery is important for personal growth, and accepting you are trans can affect your life positively
January 28th, 2019 5:32am
There's a lot of things bi, pan, etc. sexuality is known to change with time. It evolves and matures with you. That doesn't mean you'll like the same gender forever but you can or it changes from time to time. Like when you are attracted to someone you think that they are hot one day, but the next not so much you think that the other human over there is hot. Hoping off that point you could simply be either bi or pan and you just don't find anyone that attractive in that certain gender. Nothing to overthink and stress to much about.
July 3rd, 2018 3:33pm
Only you will be able to figure out what fits what you're living and who you are. Trans people of any age can come to put a word on what they're living, and realize that they're trans. It can happen at any time of life. There is nothing wrong with you having identified during a period of time with your assigned gender. What counts is what you're feeling right know. If you can link the fact you don't "like your gender anymore" to a special event, like a trauma, something like that, maybe you could want to think about it, just to be sure it's not a rejection reaction, not directly linked to transidentity. You say you "don't like" your gender anymore. I'm wondering what exactly you mean by that, because your body and the gender that was assigned to you at birth are not your gender. Your gender is what you identify to deep inside, what you feel. That perspective can open new ways to perceive one's gender and clarify things a little bit : maybe what you don't like anymore is the way that people perceive you, the gender they attribute to you, some parts of your body, or things like that, but not your gender in itself ? Feel free to contact me or any other trans listener to talk about your feelings and find some answers in yourself :)
July 9th, 2018 3:34pm
If you like both genders it is Bisexual. If you like the opposite gender it is straight. If you like everyone no matter what they identify as you are pansexual.
November 6th, 2018 6:10pm
If you now realize that you’re identifying as LGBT that means that you were always LGBT but just didn’t realize it until now. You’re just finding out something new about yourself. If you’re not realizing that you like more than one gender (whether that be romantically, sexually, or both) then there are many labels out there that may fit you. Ex. Bisexual, polysexual, pansexual, etc. It may take some time and self exploration until you realize how you truly identify but it’s not something to stress or get worked up over. Just remember to be who you are and things will happen in time.