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I feel low and lonely for no specific reason what should i do?

3 Answers
Last Updated: 06/05/2018 at 7:01am
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Caglagul Turhan, Msc

Art Therapist

I believe that being aware of who a person is, will help to make the life better. I help children, adolesences, adults and parents for understanding themselves

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May 1st, 2018 12:00pm
Loneliness comes from inside and has nothing to do with how many people a person is surrounded with. If it becomes an issue it might be helpful to speak with a therapist.
May 28th, 2018 10:05pm
Do something nice for other people. By doing something nice and making others feel better , we feel better for helping. Then you will feel less low and feel like you have a purpose. This might lead to making friends and having conversations which means you won’t be lonely
June 5th, 2018 7:01am
I can understand what you’re going through. It’s hard to be triggered with no clear reason you can identify.