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whats the best way to stop restless legs?

8 Answers
Last Updated: 01/08/2018 at 8:18am
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April 13th, 2015 2:15pm
one of the best ways to stop restless legs, is to do Leg stretches each day, as well as leg massages to promote better circulation. Get a better night's sleep and go easy on the heavy meals close to bedtime. Ice packs on the legs at night can help with restless legs, certain herbal remedies and medications can ease restless legs as well.
May 25th, 2015 2:00am
Different thing work for different people so it's always good to try out different things to see what works for you! But for me I like to close my eyes and breathe then turn on my favorite song and rock out
June 2nd, 2015 3:50pm
The best way to stop restless legs is to take a sit and make yourself enjoy it. Like make for yourself a cup of tea or hear nusic..
June 18th, 2015 1:18pm
There's several ways. It depends on what you're doing and for how long, but rolling your feet over a tennis ball, if you're sitting on the couch/sofa works wonders - It keeps the blood flowing, and feels like a nice foot massage ^_^. You can also shift around, crossing them in different directions, or even something like bending over and trying to touch your toes!
January 31st, 2017 5:00am
Stretching is a great way to prevent your legs becoming restless. I personally struggled with restless legs after a long day of walking or standing but stretching in the morning, night and throughout the day definitely helped combat this!
May 23rd, 2017 4:49am
I resolved my restless legs with a combination of treatment for sleep apnea and stress reduction. I have a bedtime routine and I had an evaluation by a sleep specialist including a sleep study that identified I had sleep apnea and restless legs.
June 6th, 2017 12:11am
I try to exercise until I feel tired, go on my bike and when I get home or to work then I feel great.
January 8th, 2018 8:18am
A great cure to your restless legs is to exercise, even for a short time! Break up that sitting down routine and go for a walk or a short jog! Dance on your feet to your favorite song, do some jumping jacks, or even do some simple kicks - fast activity will immediately alleviate your symptoms. Afterwards, some stretching to calm your muscles should be beneficial as well as additional activity.