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7 Cups Leadership
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Hello! Welcome to the community. We are currently restructuring the forums and other aspects of the community - we appreciate your patience and support. ❤️

Community Guidelines

Welcome to the 7cups Leadership Subcommunity. To ensure that the subcommunity is being utilized as it should, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines below:

  1. Please ensure that all of your respective project posts as updated regularly with the requirements, how to contact leaders with questions about your post, the average time to hear back from a role, and how to apply.
  2. Please make posts for your team or projects that you need help with in the Help Wanted Hub
  3. For subcommunity-related concerns or questions,  you can contact @CheeryMango.
  4. If there is a project needing help, @Asher or @SoulfullyAButterfly can be contacted for assistance. 
  5. Please ensure that other projects are able to get a chance to be featured. This is a shared share and everyone's project is just as equal and deserves the same highlight as others. 
  6. For a list of other community-based teams and projects, you can visit the Community Project and Events subcommunity. 
  7. Community leaders are a significant part of our community. In stepping into a leadership role with 7 Cups, you have agreed that you align with our values and wish to uphold our mission. You have the ability to inform and influence our community members. So, it is important to lead by example and be a role model to inspire others to aspire to be someone like you to extend support to others. Please read the 7cups Leadership guidelines that all leaders, irrespective of teams or projects are to follow. 
Community Leaders
Community Mentor Leader
Community Mentor / Teen Community Star
Community Resources

Below are the teams and leaders for projects within 7 Cups of Tea.  Leaders, please contact @Asher if information or links need to be changed at all. 

Community Leadership + Domains (2022)

Help Wanted 2022 List

Leadership Roles Slidedeck 

Subcommunity Leadership Roles 

Forum Leadership