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Welcome to the Veterans & Military Support Community!

This space is for military members, veterans, their family and friends to connect and share support.

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Community Guidelines

Veterans & Military Community Guidelines

*To uphold and comply with the 7 Cups main guidelines*

*Respect for everyone, members and listeners alike*

*Avoid stigmatizing comments that may invalidate other’s experiences or struggles*

*Please add trigger warnings to posts / replies with intense topics*

*Refrain from mentioning specific violent military experiences that may be trigger to other users*

*Refrain from mentioning weapons*

Community Resources

US Department of Veteran Affairs

Military Family Preparedness  How to prepare for disasters as a military family, including resources for when you are living abroad.

Veterans Crisis Line: Trained crisis counselors are available 24/7 to speak with veterans who are struggling or experiencing suicidal ideation. 

Military One Source: Resources for military members and their families

Code of Support: Resources, Case Coordination, Education Courses and information for military and family members. 

Real Warriors: Awareness organization that promotes psychological health for veterans, active duty military and family members. 

After Deployment: Wellness resources and information on transitioning out of active duty. 

NAMI Homefront: Free education course for family, friends and caregivers of military members. 


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