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Healthy social relationships are a vital part of life. They help us connect, find joy and support, provide perspective and balance, and let us relax and enjoy the more fun aspects of life. But for many people, social anxiety gets in the way of participating in and maintaining these relationships and pulls out enjoyment. 7 Cups offers online therapy for social anxiety to help people work through their anxious feelings and reach a place of confidence.

What is Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety can be both a mental and physical battle. People struggling with social anxiety may experience physical symptoms like a racing heart, sweating, nausea, and panic attacks. Those reactions may be concurrent with a feeling of dread about an upcoming social situation and a fear of being judged negatively. For those experiencing social anxiety, the thought of going to a social event can bring on an expectation that all eyes will be on them and they will be found lacking and embarrassed.

How is Social Anxiety Helped?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a system of therapy that can help a person retrain their brain to see a situation in a new light. Using the principle that thoughts impact behaviors, a therapist will help an individual identify thoughts that are unhelpful and misleading, and determine whether they are appropriate to a situation. Using proven methods, the therapist will help an individual learn relaxation techniques and new ways to focus on thoughts that are beneficial.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

Social anxiety is more common than one might know and is thought to be the third largest psychological disorder in the United States. Millions of people suffer every day, in fear of situations that should and can be rewarding and even fun. The therapists at 7 Cups are ready to assist anyone seeking a new way of approaching social situations and finding relief.

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