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Many of us all are too familiar with the feeling of going into work and immediately becoming overwhelmed because you have a lot on your plate for the day or a deadline you're rushing to meet. It can be easy to take on too many responsibilities or be subjected to unrealistic expectations. Even if you love what you do and the people you work with, your job can still be very stressful at times.

It is completely normal to be stressed at work, however, if the stress becomes long-term, then it can be harmful to your health. If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress at work, online therapy can help you find healthy ways of coping.

Causes of Work Stress

There are many reasons why people become very stressed at work. A few of the most common reasons include:

  • Long work hours

  • Unrealistic demands

  • Job insecurity

  • Heavy workload

  • Lack of autonomy

  • Work-life balance issues

  • Workplace culture

  • Relationships at work

  • Lack of support

  • Management change

What are the side effects of work-related stress?

If work stress becomes chronic, there are several physical and mental health issues that can arise. You can develop insomnia, chronic headaches, heart palpitations, muscular tension, anxiety, depression, irritability, and more. Fortunately, through therapy, you can discover ways to cope with work-related stress and begin living a healthier life.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

Work-related stress at times is unavoidable, however, if it has become chronic and is negatively impacting your everyday life, online therapy can be the solution you need. Our licensed therapists at 7 Cups offer a friendly ear and can provide you with the guidance you're looking for. With a little extra help from our therapists, we can get you on the path to living a healthier life at work, which will translate to a healthier life at home as well.

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