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I’m pretty sure I have border line personality disorder. Could it be possible I’m bipolar as well?

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I only see things as black and white to the extreme. And know people as all good or all bad. Do I have BPD?

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I am thinking of having a baby real soon, but I have BPD. Can my baby get this as well?

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I just got diagnosed for Borderline Personality Disorder, but I am 13. My parents and teachers do not agree on this. How can I feel my doctors are listening to me a 13 year old?

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My teen lacks a lot on sense of identity. Does this mean when they change all the time, almost cycling through personality changes she may have Borderline?

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I have bad borderline personality disorder. How can I control it more and have happy days?

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I think my friendship with my best friend is done, Their bpd has gotten so much worse, like BAD, to the point of idk if theyre able to keep up a friendship.. my mental health has gotten worse. I cant?

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How do I show empathy to someone who deals with Borderline?

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Should i talk to my teacher about my BPD?

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Do I have borderline personality disorder if I am unstable and have issues in trusting people?

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