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I feel like I'm getting so used to being alone that I'm pushing people away. How can I learn to trust others and have more social interaction again?

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Last Updated: 07/06/2020 at 7:17pm
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Monique Bivins, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

I have a real passion for helping my clients to overcome life's obstacles . My work with clients is nonjudgmental, supportive, and interactive.

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February 13th, 2018 1:31am
Being confident that you deserve happiness in life and that just like everyone else, you have the right to trust people and socially interact as well.
September 25th, 2018 9:50pm
Some ways to learn trust again is by taking it slow and not open up completely to people we do not know at all. This will help to avoid getting disappointed again. Small talk can be a good way in the beginning, listen how others think, how they react, if they like to gossip, getting to know them step by step. When feeling safer one can open more, get into deeper conversations. Letting the guards down right in the beginning can make us very vulnerable and we might regret it deeply, simply open up to the right people will regain trust and open the doors to more social interaction again.
January 21st, 2019 8:34am
Sometimes it's what we don't like in others that we actually don't like in ourselves. Taking some time to self reflect can go a long way in understanding what we truly feel and why we feel it, helping us to understand our true motives and make better decisions. In other cases, being alone can leave your mind wandering for so long you're judgment gets clouded and you don't even realize what you're truly upset about deep down. Again, honest self-reflection can make all the difference in guiding you in the right direction. It has for me and I hope it will for you too.
July 6th, 2020 7:17pm
Baby-steps, don't force anything you're not comfortable with. If you hesitate sharing things about you then wait until you feel comfortable with that person. Remember also that you don't have to share things with people in order for them to stay in your life, be yourself and the sharing part will come eventually and naturally when you feel safe. It''ll all come naturally if you just walk the journey in your pace. Don't worry about it, true friends will stay no matter what. Don't force friendships and don't force yourself to be a certain way in order for people to stay.