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How can I hide my scars from the ones I love? they are becoming suspicious.

6 Answers
Last Updated: 11/12/2018 at 6:41pm
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July 4th, 2017 4:24am
Wear sweatshirts, or I put a hair band around my wrist to hid mine, and it works. Don't make it obvious
August 15th, 2016 3:53am
It is best to be open about your past. Scars arent something to be ashamed of, they show you overcame the situation(s)
August 21st, 2016 5:00am
Before thinking about how to hide the scars, you might want to ask yourself a couple questions; a) Why do you want to keep this a secret? What will happen if you tell them? b) Do you think realistically you'll be able to keep this hidden from them in the long run? Depending on how you answer those questions, you might want to consider what the best long term approach to this is and if you think they might find out anyway, you might want to think about telling them yourself and how the best way to do that would be. Good luck!
May 21st, 2018 10:29pm
I’ve found that hiding scars doesn’t work very well. Sometimes you want to wear a t-shirt or a dress or even if you wanna buy some new clothes but can’t because your scars are going to show. It really limits your clothing choices and sooner or later someone ends up seeing them. It’s best to talk to someone you trust about it so they know and then you won’t have the anxiety of having them show.
July 16th, 2018 3:22pm
Never hide anything from your love. Because if really loves you back. Will not care of what scars you have. Love is blind
November 12th, 2018 6:41pm
First of all I would recommend you when you feel comfortable to tell your family, but in the mean time long sleeves and make sure they are healthy and clean to prevent infection. You can get some bio oil which is really helpful with scars, but mainly long sleeves, bracelets and other things like that! Remeber to stay strong and that you will get through this! As difficult as it seems just now! You are a lot better than you think! You don’t deserve to be feeling like this! Learn different techniques to cope with your self harming and remeber to love yourself!!!