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how to become a verified listener?

3 Answers
Last Updated: 06/17/2019 at 3:26pm
how to become a verified listener?
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June 23rd, 2016 6:39am
To get a verified listener badge, you need to complete a mock chat with a listener who is on the Verified Listener team :) they will then send in a report of how you did, and if you did well you will get your badge. For more info:
June 21st, 2016 2:18am
You will have to register as a listener here on 7cups. Then you will need to complete a few quizzes and test. When you score the correct amount for your test then you will be tested to be a real life listener using a AI. After all that is done and you pass thats when u become a listener. But remember you are always monitored and you can always better yourself by doing the training that is provided on this webpage.
June 17th, 2019 3:26pm
In order to become a verified listener, you need to complete a series of steps and verification. These include having 25+ chats, 1100+ cheers, 1+ positive reviews, completing the Practice Chat Refresher to earn your Refresher badge, earning the Community 101 badge by reviewing the Listeners Community Guide, and completing two topic training guides which can be found in training courses. Here is a link to a forum post listing the requirements: Some of these processes are experiences you will accumulate over the course of your time as a listener on 7cups, while others are specific trainings that you will be required to complete. Best of luck on your journey!