Should I stay at a job that I hate?

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Should I stay at a job that I hate?
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August 6th, 2016 4:48am
No one can tell you what you should or shouldn't do when it comes to your employment options. Having said that, a life without a feeling of fulfillment is a half-life at best. If you decide to seek new employment, may I recommend seeking new employment while staying at your job? This way you will not have to worry about being unemployed. If you are undecided, considering making a Pro | Con list, such as the following. Pro 1: You're not unemployed. Con 1: You hate your job. Pro 2: You're making money. Con 2: You're unfulfilled. &c &c. and see which column has more in it. It's a good thinking exercise if nothing else.
August 7th, 2016 2:42pm
It's a difficult question. Obviously it would be most ideal for you to find a good job that you enjoy and is fulfilling for you, but there are many other things to consider such as how much you earn, how easy it will be to find another job, how much you really want your dream job, how far you would go for it. I have however personally heard from people who 'threw away' good positions to chase their dreams with generally good success - one was the CEO of a rising international hotel line but he quit and sold all his property to travel, and although it is of course much less stable (he was selling his Chinese calligraphy skills on the street to make money at one point) is very much happier. I think the most important factor is how determined you are to pursue your true purpose in life, fear makes many obstacles seem more difficult than they are and there is always more than one solution. Best of luck!
December 20th, 2017 11:51pm
It is always easier to find work when your in work. Working is the one thing we do the most in life, so there is no point doing something you don’t like. I’m not saying quit because you don’t like one certain task, but you must enjoy your normal routines. Search for something that inspires you, take up some more education in a field you would enjoy, life is too short to be held down and be unhappy, make the change that suits you best.
August 11th, 2018 10:09pm
If you stay at a job that you absolutely hate, it will damage your health significantly and trust me - you don't want to go there. You could start off feeling depressed, and end up being suicidal, having eating disorders, self harming, having psychotic depression or PTSD depending on whatever's going on. All of us on here - we're not on here for no reason. Something has happened at some point in time to make us NEED to come here, desperately seeking help. Not necessarily because of our jobs, but we have all had that one awful job in our lifetime that definitely didn't help and it is not a place you want to go. The best part is, you won't even see it coming.
August 4th, 2016 6:32pm
If you don't like your job, start applying for another one until you have another job to fall back on. Do you make lots of cash? 🤑 It's all up to you sweetie.
August 6th, 2016 4:27pm
do you actually hate your job or are you just not used to it? it's normal to feel uncomfortable at the beginning of something. let the time pass and try to enjoy it with all of your heart, slowly but surely. but if it is starting an affect on your own health and condition, or make you feel stressful, you should consider quitting it. but then again, it is your own decision :)
August 7th, 2016 10:19pm
Being in a job you hate is (depressingly) common. Does that mean you should hang around because, you know, everyone is in the same boat? Here's a question then: even if you were in a job you liked, would you want to do it everyday until you retired? I'm assuming here, but I would answer that by saying no, you wouldn't want to. Very, very few of us find ourselves in a role that we absolutely love and couldn't think of ever doing anything else. For the rest of us, we're hoping for a promotion, or to get on that new project, or change to another department, or get that qualification and shift to another career, or any of a myriad of other possibilities. Heck, sometimes our next career goal isn't clear, but we know we don't want to be stuck 'here' forever. So my next question then becomes: if you want to move up, move over, or move on to another role, what do you do about it? Sure, you could keep your head down, do your work, and see what pops up. Sometimes that's enough, but it's certainly no guarantee. So eventually we're motivated enough to work towards it. Motivation is the key here, and you can see where I'm going with this. You use your motivation, whether that's striving to be the best you can be at your role, seeking out opportunities to improve how you work, starting up an online course, doing night school, sending out your resumé, networking, etc. And sooner or later you'll progress to another role, wherever that may be, and however you may get there. Our motivation colours our glasses rose, puts a smile on our faces, and gives us strength and determination. So what about the original question? What if you're in a job you hate? Well, for one, you need to be asking what aspects of it make you hate it, and maybe taking specific action against anything inappropriate. Another thing is to bring it back to motivation to move on to the next stage - you might not be able to leave straight away, but come on, even in a job you'd like, eventually you would have been looking for the next opportunity. It's just that now the motivation is a lot stronger to get started. That motivation is going to get you through every day.
August 10th, 2016 5:59am
No. If you hate your job then find something you will love. I wouldn't quit right away because you need the income. But I would take the time to figure out what you love, what you want to do and find ways to make it happen
August 10th, 2016 12:44pm
If you are not happy somewhere don't put yourself through it , self care is most important. Obviously I don't know your situation but if you need the money apply for another job and just keep your head up :)
August 10th, 2016 5:28pm
It will take a lot for you to hate a job. If you do hate a job then the best thing to do initially is try to resolve the problem/issue and work out a way forward.Speak to your boss and let them know that you are considering leaving there then they can help you further.
August 10th, 2016 9:52pm
No. What would be the point or doing something if you don't enjoy if but you're not obligated to do? Unless it's necessary and you feel like you can't find an alternative.
August 13th, 2016 9:48am
First you need to answer yourself why you hate this job. Is there any reason? And what quarantee you carry it won't be same in another job. However it will be difficult to stay in job you hate. If it is only this job and you are quite confident it won't happen in another workplace, do not stay there.
August 13th, 2016 4:36pm
It's really up to you! If you think that it is causing you any type of harm, you may want to move on and find employment somewhere else.
August 21st, 2016 12:10am
Staying at a job that you hate will just drag you down and you will regret everyday of work. Find a job that you love and it will make everything more positive for you:)
August 21st, 2016 7:30am
You shouldn't do anything you hate. Try to find something that you enjoy going to every morning. You can search for new jobs while you continue at this place.
September 1st, 2016 3:44pm
Staying in the job you hate can be difficult but sometimes there is no choice , either due to financial reasons or others. If though you do have the option stay in your job for a little while longer but at the same time look for more appropriate jobs and go to interviews if you feel they would suit you better x
September 2nd, 2016 10:58pm
What you do is find another job before quitting the one you dislike because if you quit then you would regret it when you have to buy and pay bill etc.
September 5th, 2016 3:03pm
You should never stay or do a job you don't like. Also be happy with where you are and what you do.
September 7th, 2016 7:04pm
You should find something that would make you feel happier before leaving a secure position. But no, you should try to find the right change
September 10th, 2016 1:02am
I would stay at a job that I hate if it means putting food on the table and a roof over my head. Once you have a better job lined up, you can feel free to quit. Don't quit if you are not ready or can't pay the bills simply cause you don't like the job cause that will just end up causing you more stress.
September 11th, 2016 3:19am
Though it is not defined literally as such, Professionalism is widely posed as the 'application of strategy' in a business setting. The most professional thing you can do is plot out your needs and desires. Then, plot out how much ground on those goals you can acquire in the least amount of time - if you can do so, without burning bridges. Then enact your strategy. There is no place in business for feelings - only for the wisest maneuvers.
September 25th, 2016 6:52am
No, it it doesn't make you proud of yourself and leaves you feeling emptying you should consider to quit
September 28th, 2016 11:44pm
I personally think that we should be passionate within our job roles, however we have not all got the option to do a job we prefer, as we often need valid qualifications experience, and we also a need to commit for a financial source. However sometimes we can balance, this if you have time spear, consider volunteering. This will gain knowledge, experience, and confidence, along side your main line of work.
October 2nd, 2016 3:26pm
Personally, I wouldn't if I had another job to leave to. Its always one of them, the pros have to outweigh the cons for me so that I'm not left without an income.
October 5th, 2016 12:23am
I think it's absolutely vital to be in a job you like. But getting a job these days is becoming a struggle. What I did was I got a job I didn't like and applied for others and found the one I wanted. Just so I could earn my money. But then again who enjoys waking up early and having to go to work? I'm sure nobody does. The key is motivation!
October 13th, 2016 5:46am
Many people justify staying at a job they hate for the sake of others (like family), but in the long run they end up bitter, unfulfilled, and regretful and end up hurting the people they are trying to help.
October 13th, 2016 2:29pm
Only if you have no other choice and even then while working you should be also looking for another job.
October 19th, 2016 11:13pm
You should apply for another job maybe you'll like better, but keep the hated job for a Plan B until you get your good job.
October 23rd, 2016 11:30pm
That's actually a trick question. Why you will ask! Well my friend, if really like really 'hated' your job you would have quit, and If you are still thinking then in all likelihood there is some thing that you maybe and just maybe like about the job. So worth exploring that . something like a cost benefit analysis. What is the cost to me when I work in this job and what is the benefit for example may be you don't like the working conditions but you have made some good friends at work or may be you don't like the work but the pay is good.. so something like that..
October 27th, 2016 2:44pm
no you shouldn't actually, but if you don't have another chance like working in a job that you really love, you should stay because there's nothing like lose your job and go worse everyday, i experienced this by myself.