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I cannot work unless I find the perfect space to work, as otherwise I feel unsettled and cannot concentrate. But I don't have my own office. How can I feel more settled in temporary spaces which are not mine?

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Last Updated: 08/17/2020 at 5:56pm
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Sometime situations and feelings can be so strong that we struggle to function. You are not alone! My practice is flexible and open-minded and tailored to your personal needs.

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May 30th, 2015 2:09am
Finding a Library to go to is an excellent idea. It's a place where you're expected to work, it should be a calm collected environment for you to clear your head and focus properly.
March 19th, 2015 7:12pm
Perhaps a 4-pronged approach: First ... identify and document your ideal ergonomics. Keyboard height, screen height, chair height. And write all this down. When you get to a new temporary office ...try to set your ergonomics to your ideal documented settings. Second ... bring a few items with you. Perhaps you have your favorite bluetooth or USB mouse. And a personal item or 2 (photo of spouse, or family, or baby). Adorn your new space with a few personal items to make it yours. Third ... smell. Maybe your favorite incense, or a splash of your spouse's cologne or perfume. A familiar smell can make the space more comfortable. Four ... sound. Maybe your ipod and earphones ...or perhaps even bluetooth speakers. Playing your favorite tunes can make you feel comfortable. Hope this helps!
April 19th, 2015 8:20am
its hard to fit in a temporary space but you can create your own space inside you thats makes feel you are fit for this be a confident man you can do many things . :)
February 7th, 2015 8:32pm
I find that being prepared with all the documents or supplies needed and carefully setting them out before you can help you feel much more comfortable and able to settle into a temporary space. The more you make it yours, the better you may feel. Even bringing some snacks or a beverage and setting it to the side may remind you that you are allowed to be comfortable there.
June 18th, 2015 5:20am
What has worked for me in the past is to set a time limit in a temporary work space. For example, if I have to work in a coffee shop that is not the ideal environment, I say I will stay there for one hour only and focus on one or two primary tasks. This structure/time limit helps me focus more on the important task at hand and less about my environment.
August 17th, 2015 8:24pm
Maybe get you comfortable chair, some organizers likefor books and paperwork and pencil holder good pictures that motivate you and youll be cozy
August 24th, 2015 6:23pm
You can find temporary spaces and make them your own, such as a library or a conference room. If you do not have access to those types of rooms, you can purchase noise cancelling headphones to better help you concentrate.
February 29th, 2016 7:59am
just make one .. make your own space to work .. make your best ... a little by little you will grow like a small seed which started under the ground .. then the small seed found it's path to it's own perfect space. And being under the ground is temporary like you said just keep remembering that and you will be fine ..
June 28th, 2016 12:29pm
1. try to tell yourself this temporary office is yours, feels like it 2. comfort is all happen in your mind, create the situation that can boost up your mood to work ( soft music- if allowed | try to talk/ enggage to people around ) 3. Drink hot-Dark chocolate, to keep your good mood !
July 19th, 2016 12:08pm
Personalize! Have a little board and pin up things on it — quotes that you like, to-do lists. Have a small picture frame maybe? How about a pen stand somebody close to you gave you as a gift? You can organize everything your own way, so you feel a sense of control over your space and a sense of being settled.
- Expert in Work Stress
August 16th, 2016 6:33am
That's most probably because your comfort zone is quite wide. Try lessening the comfort zone area by stepping out of it one step at a time.
August 22nd, 2016 6:30pm
I understand how you feel because I am the same way! I cannot focus on what is important if I am not comfortable in my work space. I suggest gathering some items such as music, pictures,etc. that make you feel comfy and add them to your temporary work space! Things should become much brighter :)
November 1st, 2016 1:44am
Try having things around you that make it perfect to you. Perhaps personal knickknacks will allow you to feel more settled in these locations!
April 3rd, 2018 6:05am
In temporary spaces you can try making it feel like what you consider perfect. You can make minute changes to make sure that the temporary place is where you can concentrate. since many a times we need to work out of our comfort zones and that's when we need to realize that we need to make ourselves comfortable and get used to our surroundings.
June 9th, 2020 10:09am
Firstly, you want a non-cluttered environment. I feel that it can set a clean slate both physically and mentally. It can be beneficial to get some soundproof headphones as well in case there is noise and play music if you want or just set it to white noise. Get your laptop out and a notebook with a pen, even if you were not planning on using it. On that notebook, write down some simple to-do tasks to check off and get started! Allow yourself to take breaks, just make sure that your breaks do not proceed 15 minutes at a time.
July 27th, 2020 12:55pm
Try and make these places more tailored to you. If you like cats, tape a little picture of a cat to the wall. If you need quiet to work, we’re noise cancelling headphones or if you need classical music playing to work, play classical music. Try and figure out what exactly about the place is making you unsettled and target and try to fix just that. Once you start to customize a place, you’ll be able to switch your mindset and think of it as more of your own office and less of a borrowed space. If you don’t have your own office,you can try to recreate the feeling off having one.
August 17th, 2020 5:56pm
You can bring objects that would make that temporary space feel more like your own. Such as pictures, plants, stuffed animals, your own coffee mug, snacks, other kinds of decoration. Also make sure to ask what is allowed to bring in. Some office spaces have specific preferences and others give you the freedom to feel at home. You can also bring your own computer, stationary, comfortable back support for your chair. Remember, there is it hard to achieve perfection. We can do our best of accomodate the space to our liking but we also have to give in a little and realize this space is temporary only.