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Disability Support

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This is a great place to get support and connect with others who have chronic illnesses, chronic pain and impairments.  All of these things are included under the Disability heading. Hit 'Read More' below to learn ways you can participate.

Chatroom -  the Adult Disability Support Room is badge locked. To gain access to these rooms, you will need to make a request here. There are no additional requirements for members however listeners will need to have the Active Listening Level 1 certificate found on this page.  Teen Disability is a popup room, both have guided discussions, see the Calendar for schedules

List of Discussions schedule please check them out HERE

Q&As - Ask or answer a question!  Categories include Disabilities and Chronic Pain

Feed - Some of the common relevant hashtags are #Disability #ChronicPain #InvisibleIllness #ChronicIllness

1-1 Chats - You can include Disabilities or Chronic Pain as a topic when you request that a listener connects to you.  If you Browse Listeners you can also pick more filters to find listeners who have one of these topics as one they will support.  This thread also lists listeners with disabilities.

In the Forums, you can be added to our tag list and there is a post with all the forum categories

Some of the popular forum categories are: Chronic Conditions  Chronic Pain  Daily Living

Get Support!  Discussions  Appreciation, Fun & AMAs

Misconceptions About The Disability Sub-community and Mental Health!

by @JoyfulUnicorn 1 day ago
26 minutes ago

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Community Guidelines

🌟 Please be respectful of everybody's thoughts and opinions.

🌟 Don't think you are alone, so please share if you have a condition that you do not see in the Disabilities Not Listed section.

🌟 Please be patient if you feel like your concern hasn't been addressed yet; we are working hard to add more leaders and supporters.

🌟 Most of all - don't forget to be awesome! You are loved and accepted here, no matter what!

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