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Self-Harm Recovery

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Check in Today: Sep 29

Hello, and welcome to the Self-Harm Recovery Subcommunity! It’s great to have you here and we are proud of you for making the first brave step in reaching out for support by joining us in this supportive, safe, friendly environment. Feel free to direct any questions to the appropriate leader, accessible here.

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🌟 Check out the guidelines here, and resources here 🌟

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We are glad you are here and look forward to seeing your progress on your journey to recovery.


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Community Guidelines

These guidelines are inspired by some communites around 7 cups so we are able to adapt our little family here to as many different life experiences and situations as possible. We recognise we cannot adapt to every circumstantial rule however we have outlined some of the common guidelines needed for our community.

✪ Please do not share any graphic images or descriptions about self-harm tools!

✪ Please do not mention the name of any tools used for self-harm in any area of the self-harm recovery community

✪ Names of methods of self-harm are allowed to be shared in the group support room but where possible please try to exchange a method name for the phrase "self-harm" for more clarification please read >THIS< post on the group support room guidelines

✪ When mentioning methods of self-harm or potentially triggering details of another topic in the forums please put a trigger warning at the top of the post so people are able to click away from the post if they would like to. Additionally please try to find an appropriate place within our forums to make your post. Certain areas are reserved for specific content so please consider this when making your post

✪ Pro-self harm content will not be tolerated

✪ Please be respectful to everyone, members and listeners alike

✪ Remeber everyone's experiences are different. Please do not undermine or invalidate anyone's situation because it is not what most would consider "normal". We are a diverse community and have people from many backgrounds so please always be repectful!

✪ General kindness, courtesy and etiqutte is heavily appreciated

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