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Is it usual to breakup then get back with the same person twice within 2 months?

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Last Updated: 04/21/2020 at 10:56am
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July 2nd, 2018 9:04pm
What relates relationships, shouldn't be any line between normal and not normal. Because each relationship is unique
November 5th, 2018 11:00pm
It is neither unusual or uncommon. Many couples break up only to make up shortly after. People generally choose to try and reconcile with the person they are comfortable with rather than move on and get to know someone new. Every circumstance is different but you should be able to communicate with the person in order to find out why the relationship keeps ending between you. If neither one of you can change or compromise on the things that are initally pushing each other away then maybe that person is not good for you in this moment in time.
March 30th, 2020 5:49pm
There is no universal usual. What’s important is what is right for you. How does getting back with this person feel to you? It’s difficult to go through the trauma of a breakup and it can cause lots of emotional and psychological pain. But sometimes, there’s an opening to new beginnings. How does this feel to you? Are you physically and emotionally safe with this person? Can you talk more about how you experience your journey? What have you learned in your past experiences together that might invite you to give the relationship another try?
April 21st, 2020 10:56am
The feelings about that person may not necessarily be diminished in the small amount of time, so in a way it is usual to feel as though getting back with the person that you cared about deeply feels like the usual thing to do. When you are in a relationship you build a home around each other and grow comfortable around one another's habits and ways of living. Then it's only natural to feel attached to that person that knows so much about you intimately, as you have exposed your vulnerabilities and shared hidden parts of yourself. It takes courage to slowly open yourself up to someone, so in answer to the question, relationships are in a constant state of flux, with both people changing every day. So it is usual to feel as though there is an ebb and flow of breaking up and getting back together again. As long as you try and see what is healthy for you.