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Why does it get worse around times like christmas?

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Last Updated: 07/14/2020 at 5:12pm
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January 11th, 2015 7:07am
Because it's a social custom to feel happy around this time and forced happyness is the worst thing you could present.
May 4th, 2015 6:54pm
Whatever you are going threw, it might get worse around times like Christmas because that's when the event or what ever happened, happened. This time might remind you of those experiences, even subconsciously, and make you feel worse.
June 4th, 2015 4:05pm
Christmas time brings about a diverse range of emotions from happiness, joy and grateful to sorrow, guilt and regret. This is a time when people reflect on the past year and remember what was achieved, what was changed, and what was lost. This time brings out the best and worst of our emotions, and certainly can make going about day to day more of a challenge.
July 14th, 2015 5:22pm
Holidays are when we are drowned by images of perfection: happy families, idyllic movies, etc. So we compare ourselves and our flaws to the unrealistic images we see.... and everything falls apart.
July 28th, 2015 3:16am
During the Christmas season, its an expectation we have to be cheerful and happy. Like most expectations, when we don't meet them, we're disappointed. This disappointment can easily spiral into depression if not actively monitored and kept in check.
August 10th, 2015 2:06pm
Christmas can be a holiday of lonleyness for some as the nights are darker and longer.
September 1st, 2015 11:42pm
Times like Christmas can usually be considered 'worse' for a lot of reasons. Some anxiety can come from being surrounded by family or friends - even the anxiety of receiving a gift or not believing your gift will be enjoyed by the receiver. Another feeling can be depression, usually Christmas is synced with Winter which means a lot less hours of sunlight and more hours of darkness - this can potentially create a Seasonal Affective Disorder for the individual (SAD for short) - making their bodies react to to absence of light by creating chemical imbalances releasing too much or too little of what keeps our mental health maintained.
December 1st, 2015 7:07pm
Christmas is a time for remembering those and as Christmas is every year bad thinks can happen and if the one you love isn't there its hard to get your head around it as most family's come together
December 15th, 2015 2:34pm
Because you miss family love. Let it pass enough years and the body forgets it too. It is a physical memory.
February 2nd, 2016 8:17pm
Do you mean depression or anxiety or something of the like? I have a hard time around my birthday. Sometimes being around too many people, even though you know they care, can make things more difficult.
February 9th, 2016 8:17pm
I'm not sure, but some people are really busy and nervous around Christmas. They have to arrange parties and the gifts for the children. I don't know if that's what you were asking :/
May 17th, 2016 1:10am
Christmas tends to be associated with family, friends, a feeling of togetherness and people being there for each other, happiness, love, and other positive feelings. And sometimes, when people have been feeling lonely or down for a while, this type of environment (the Christmas environment) makes them feel more alone or more worse unfortunately.
May 30th, 2016 3:04pm
I think it gets worse around times like christmas because of two things: family and finances. For some people, they have to deal with either loss around that time, or they just have to accept that they may not be able to celebrate with that special loved one. For others, it is finances. There are those across the world who have to deal with this every day, but for the kids, it always breaks their hearts. While Christmas is a fun time, some have to go through horrible times.
October 4th, 2016 6:30pm
There are a lot of stress related issued surrounding the holidays. Things from being financially strapped to dealing with relatives to performance anxiety being around so many people at once. Time management is crucial as well as being able to get away, even for 5 minutes to step back, recharge, and refocus your efforts.
October 24th, 2016 2:32pm
Depression and anxiety can worsen around the holidays for a lot of different reasons. Often people feel a deeper sense of grief or loneliness because of all of the emphasis on family and loved ones during this time. The stress of all of the holiday activities, planning, and buying also takes its toll on people's emotions and mood. It is very common for people to experience worsening moods around this time.
December 12th, 2017 10:00pm
Most likely because of seasonal effectiveness disorder. It is when you get depressed during times like the holidays especially winter.
February 6th, 2018 4:06pm
I guess it's because everyone seems so full of joy and happiness and you might feel as if you're pressured to act in a certain way and participate in all of those Christmas "rituals", such as wrapping up presents, decorating the tree or caroling.
July 14th, 2020 5:12pm
Holiday times are when it can be most difficult for a lot of people. It is a time when everyone is expected to be full of joy and prosperity but it is also a very busy and stressful time. The stress and added pressure of being expected to keep your composure can be extremely overwhelming. Just remember to acknowledge your emotions and take time for yourself. Unlike what society says, it is okay to feel anxious or depressed during the holidays and is perfectly normal. Taking it slow and not being afraid to ask for help is key to managing your emotions at such a stressful time.