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Why do I always feel unappreciated for the work that I do?

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Last Updated: 08/21/2018 at 7:16am
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Christie Belle, Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy


I am a U.S. Air Force veteran and a ex-Army spouse. I am a divorced mother of two teenage boys, my youngest son has a diagnosis of autism, which I am very passionate about.

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July 24th, 2018 12:02am
Is it you who feels that you are unappreciated or is it the people whom you look towards? If it's you, it may be that you aren't doing the work to your full potential; try your hardest and you'll succeed. (:
May 5th, 2015 9:50pm
People probably don't see how much you've done, or value it but you've got to realise that that is their problem and NOT yours. Hence why, you need to remember to appreciate yourself and the work that you have done no matter who else forgets to, you shouldn't.
November 23rd, 2015 1:54pm
Because of the focus you put on doing this work for others, I tend to feel most satisfied for the work that i do for my own sake instead of someone else's.
January 27th, 2015 2:18am
I don't rely on others to give me appreciation... I give myself all the appreciation that I earn because its only you who you should ever try to impress :)
June 9th, 2015 8:40am
Not everyone would appreciate to the good things you have made the most important is you did your part and you feel satisfied with what you accomplish.
September 25th, 2015 6:07pm
That can be difficult at home or at work. If its at home, perhaps talk to your family about how you are feeling. If its at work or school, perhaps talking with your teachers or supervisors about how you feel, can ease your feelings.
October 27th, 2015 7:04pm
I am a perfectionist and i often do things in a hurry because i want to show others i can do this faster than you all. It leads to mistakes, and i get sad.
December 1st, 2015 8:25pm
People can sometimes be so wrapped up in themselves that they don't notice the good work of others like yourself. In fact, they could be thinking to themselves, 'Why does nobody notice my good work in the world?' It's quite ironic really.
March 27th, 2017 1:41pm
Some people tend to set expectations on things unknowingly and unintentionally. You might have set expectations on your work without you knowing.
March 28th, 2017 8:32am
You are the only one who can answer this question but you should reformulate it . The question you should ask yourself is "why do I need people to appreciate me for the work that I do ?".
June 26th, 2018 9:47pm
There could be a lot of reasons for that. Some times, it may be because others don't show appreciation for the work that you do, either by downplaying it as "not good" or full on ignoring your efforts.
August 21st, 2018 7:16am
We all desire some reward. If we encourage each other, that reward can be delivered to others. But then we have to trust that rewards will come to us. The greatest power is the silent hero that makes someone else's life strong with courage or wisdom. This is also the most insecure position a person can take. Loving each other requires trust it will come back to you eventually. What are some ways you work without being rewarded? How many times have you appreciated those around you working? Try randomly complimenting someone. You might even feel better about yourself.