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Is it OK to show scars in public? Should I be concerned about people commenting or should I be self-confident?

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Last Updated: 08/04/2020 at 8:19pm
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January 15th, 2018 6:27am
I say there’s no shame. When I see others’ scares, its makes me feel less alone in my struggle. Those scars are a part of what you are overcome or what you are struggling with.
January 15th, 2019 10:07pm
Be self-confident! Those scars show how strong you are and how much you have grown. Everyone struggles, and people should understand that you have as well. People who comment may be concerned about you or they may be insecure about themselves and want to put you down to feel better about themselves. Either way, you are not defined by your scars. Do not listen to others who comment. They don't know you and they don't know what you've been through. You should be confident that you have grown and you are strong enough to show the marks of your past. Go get 'em!
October 15th, 2019 9:43pm
There's nobody who can tell you what you "should" do or what you "shouldn't" do. It's your skin, and it's your choice and nobody else's. I personally would say that you should do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. If that means that you go in the closet and choose what to wear without worrying about whether the outfit shows your scars or not, that's fine! If right now, you feel best when you are covering them, that's perfectly fine too! Nobody knows you or your story. That's all for you to decide what works best for you, and what you believe is most comfortable.
August 4th, 2020 8:19pm
Yes! It is completely okay to show scars in public. You should stay confident, other peoples commenting doesn't matter as long as you feel happy and comfortable to do so! :) Personally, I see scars as a journey we all survived and it shows that we are brave and confident! You do you because at the end of the day, the most important thing to you should be your own happiness, morale and confidence. So yes, it is completely okay to show your scars in public! I hope this answer helped and I hope you're doing well today! - Rebecca :)