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Welcome to the Caregiving sub-community!

We are a welcoming and inclusive community, a place to relax with friends, send and receive good wishes, and share valuable tips and resources about caregiving. 
Caregiving for everyone is different. Whether  you are caring for a family member or a friend or whether they are your client or your patient we are all caring; so let's care for each other and ourselves too. 

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Caring and the C Word - Christmas!!!

by @warmheartedSoul77 on November 28th
on Friday
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Community Guidelines

1) Each family, friend and caregiver is unique, and they may be in a stressful and emotional situation so please be respectful and kind to each other at all times.

2) There is a famous saying “You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends” maybe that should be changed to “You can’t choose your family, you may not be able to choose your caregiver, but you can choose to be friends with everyone”. Let’s be friends and support each other in this community after all you chose to be here!

3) If you think that your topic might be triggering or upsetting for other people to read please mark the post at the top with a ***trigger warning*** and then a space.

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