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Can I die from self harm?

61 Answers
Last Updated: 11/05/2020 at 5:11pm
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November 3rd, 2014 11:25am
Yes, you can. Depends on how often you do it and how deep your wounds are. It's nt uncommon for someone to cut too deep, no matter how careful they think they are. Self harming, like an self-destructive habit, can, one day, kill you.
June 12th, 2017 6:01pm
There have been very few deaths due to self harm compared to how many people actually self harm. Deaths that do occur from self harm more than likely are a result of having suicidal thoughts. The main risk with self harm is that if you cut yourself too deep, or nick a blood vessel,in which case you can bleed to death if the bleeding isn`t controlled, but the likelihood of this happening is low. Other methods of self harm, such as bruising, burning, and scratching can`t really result in any major harm, but this does not make them anymore serious. If you are self-harming, it`s important to understand that you can get help and find different ways of coping, you can always speak to a listener like myself, have a look at the self-help guides or join a group chat. We are here for you
September 30th, 2014 2:48am
you can die from self harm, its starts as a little it one a week or just that one time but it grows harders and it gets worst
November 8th, 2014 7:45pm
Yes do to self harm starting as some small cuts or even smaller then it will slowly get worse then you know diesng
April 11th, 2015 4:48pm
Yes, whether accidental or not. It's quite common, when experiencing increased emotions, to not realise how much harm you are doing, and go over.
June 11th, 2015 12:57am
Self harm is the harm of oneself without committing suicide. It normally includes cutting oneself on the arms, thighs, or wrists.
June 18th, 2015 1:58pm
Yes,if you cut to deep or cut your wrists of,but that is very hurtful and takes over 105min - if your wounds are bleeding and you worried ybout it please tell a friend,family member or a hostpital!
October 6th, 2015 1:09am
Yes you can die if you aren't careful - you could damage important organs, arteries or other parts of your body. It destroys your emotional and psychological state, which puts you at risk of permanently damaging yourself.
August 2nd, 2016 9:58am
Yes, you can die from self harm. You might not have any intentions of killing yourself but you might do something that might cause complications and lead to death
October 31st, 2016 3:44pm
Yes, if you hurt yourself severely enough then you can die from it - possibly from the blood loss if you cut yourself in particular places, or if you cut deeply enough. You could also get an infection if you have a would, which could turn septic and you could die. I used to hurt myself and ended up in hospital because I did it so much and it got to be so severe - so, yes, you can die from self harm.
October 9th, 2014 11:59am
yes you can it is very bad for you as you lose more and more blood each time and those cuts can lead to infections because of bacteria l advise you not to do it
October 12th, 2014 12:04pm
Yes, you can. Harming yourself is very dangerous and unfortunately it doesn't solve your problems. Maybe you feel better for a minute and forget about the sentimental pain while focusing on the physical one, but your problems will still be there.
October 23rd, 2014 11:41pm
yes you can if you bleed out from cutting or by doing something else which there are many other ways but yes you can
October 24th, 2014 5:48am
You can die from self-harm if it becomes too extreme. The best way is to never do it, as it is very damaging to your body. There are other ways of coping with it.
April 30th, 2015 5:41am
In my opinion, the answer to this question is "No" in general. Self-injury (cutting or burning) is a coping mechanism, not a suicide attempt. Sometimes injuries can be life-threatening in a medical sense. If that is the case then going to the A&E/ER of the closest hospital is a good idea - there will be health professionals there who can deal with the medical issues without making any judgements.
May 6th, 2015 7:00pm
Yes, depending on how deep the cut is. If the wound is deep it can keep bleeding and the loss of a large amount of blood can cause death.
May 17th, 2015 1:10am
Self harm is one of the symptoms to depression. These actions lead to the thought of death and suicide, so in a way, yes it can lead to death.
August 3rd, 2015 1:50pm
There are ways that self-harm can become fatal. You likely won't die from minor self-harm, but if you cut too deep, for example, it can get risky.
October 5th, 2015 11:38pm
Yes you can because you might accidentally become too involved and cut too deep sometimes not having intentions of killing yourself
October 29th, 2015 7:32pm
There's always a risk, if an artery is damaged and/or end up losing too much blood, it can cause complications and result in death, There are also some infections that can cause health issues.
November 9th, 2015 9:24pm
You can definitely die from self harm, it is a very dangerous thing to do. I feel so sorry for anybody who is so empty that they have to harm themselves to feel normal, stay strong
February 8th, 2016 2:21am
Self harm is something I have personally dealt with and the scary part about it is that you can die from this activity. Not only is it dangerous regarding your life it is also addictive, people can end having a compulsion towards self harm if its practiced on a regular basis and becomes a ritual. It is often used as a coping mechanism however, if this is your way of coping, you are risking your life and YOU ARE LOVED.
March 7th, 2016 1:08am
You can, if you cut a vein in your body, you could die from losing too much blood, if not helped on time, you can die from cutting or too much blood loss
March 8th, 2016 10:37am
Self harm is when you harm yourself, without the intention to die, what you are talking about is self injury.
June 3rd, 2016 1:37am
Yes. If you accidentally cut to deep along an artery or vein, it may end your life quickly. This is why its advised not to do so as it may end in an accidental suicide.
July 26th, 2016 1:10am
Yes-you can die from self-harm. If you accidentally cut yourself too deep you can cut into a vein and die. We need to keep you alive, if you need a listener; speak to a listener. We are always here for you 24/7 if need be.
April 10th, 2017 6:15am
Yes, I have tried 7+ times and if you cut correctly or too deep in a certain spot, it will cause you to bleed out.
May 22nd, 2017 11:53pm
It's possible if a wound gets infected and isn't treated properly and promptly. This is why you should try and be safe by sterilizing your blades with hot water before and after use, using alcohol wipes to clean out your wounds and seeking medical help if you suspect you have an infection. Stay safe.
August 6th, 2018 10:20pm
If it was bad enough and you lost too much blood you definitely could. If you want help with self-harm, we have many listeners who specialize in it and you can look at our self-help guides on 7cups.
August 3rd, 2020 12:52pm
In short, yes. In long, self-harm is treatable and you can get through this. Not many people die of self harm, although those that do may not have intended this to happen. If, however you are self-harming with the intention of dying, you should really reach out for some support via one of the crisis lines recommended by 7 Cups. A range of techniques can be used to deal with self harm, including distraction, finding other ways of emotional release, self-care or relaxation. You will be able to find lots of relaxation resources on YouTube to help, but I also really recommend the Calm Harm app to help with this.