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This sub-community's purpose is to provide support to people dealing with eating disorders and to the loved ones of people dealing with eating disorders. We are here to support you through recovery and to stand by you through thick and thin. 

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It's game time!!!!! Recovery Jenga

by @summertimeSamness 2 days ago
17 minutes ago

ED Daily Check-In: January 18th, 2018

by @piercetheaiden 2 days ago
9 hours ago
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Community Guidelines

The following are some guidelines specific for the Eating Disorder Sub-community that we request you to follow along with the general forum guidelines. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure a safe and supportive space for everyone, within this sub-community.

❆Refrain from mentioning specific weights or calorie counts to avoid triggering others.

❆Remember this is a support community - we should all be supportive of each other’s stories and struggles.

❆Everyone’s struggles are different; please avoid encouraging anyone to lose or gain weight.

❆Avoid overly graphic content and mark potentially sensitive posts with a ‘Trigger Warning’ at the top line of the post.

❆Pro-eating disorder content will not be tolerated.

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