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Eating Disorder Support: Discussion & Forum

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Welcome everyone, to the Eating Disorder Support Online Community at 7 Cups of Tea!

This sub-community aims to provide support to people dealing with eating disorders and to the loved ones of people dealing with eating disorders.  

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February 2022 Events - National Eating Disorders Awareness Week!

by @rrretsuko February 21st
June 18th

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Community Guidelines

The following are some guidelines specific for the Eating Disorder Sub-community that we request you to follow along with the general forum guidelines. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure a safe and supportive space for everyone, within this sub-community.

❆Refrain from mentioning specific weights or calorie counts to avoid triggering others.

❆Remember this is a support community - we should all be supportive of each other’s stories and struggles.

❆Everyone’s struggles are different; please avoid encouraging anyone to lose or gain weight.

❆Avoid overly graphic content and mark potentially sensitive posts with a ‘Trigger Warning’ at the top line of the post.

❆Pro-eating disorder content will not be tolerated.

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