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Being a student is harder than ever. Our student support community will help you work through the common struggles faced by students like test anxiety, depression, stress, social anxiety, and loneliness.  Welcome, friends, to the Student Support Online Community at 7 Cups of Tea.

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Student Support Community Check-In : Tuesday, March 20

by @Akshita0612 1 hour ago
1 hour ago
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1. Make sure your posts and threads are supportive and respectful.

2. Do not post links to websites where you are selling notes or study material.

3. It is okay to ask someone for help on your assignments, but do not cheat.

4. Please double check that what you want to say hasn’t already been posted and that you’re posting in the right category.

5. Do include a “Trigger Warning” if your post might be potentially triggering to other students.

6. Most of all have a good fun time! ^_^

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