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When is it necessary to seek professional help to deal with anxiety?

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Last Updated: 10/28/2019 at 3:03pm
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Brenda Munroe, LCSW

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), I have worked with individuals of all ages. My work with clients is supportive, interactive and nonjudgmental.

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October 28th, 2019 3:03pm
Anxiety is a problem that we realize only when something starts making us anxious, but the root of the problem is more complex than just "___ makes me anxious" or "I have had ___ panic attacks". It is important to go to a professional because they have been trained to recognize anxiety and its multi-faceted nature. When you have anxiety, it is very hard to examine its effect on you because it by nature distorts your vision of reality. This is why talking to someone who understands the effect anxiety has on different people is necessary for your recovery. With the help of a trained professional, you will be able to take hold of your life and learn to understand your anxiety instead of your anxiety crippling your ability to live life to its fullest.