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Do you think you can ever fully move on from a serious love?

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Last Updated: 12/15/2020 at 12:24am
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April 8th, 2015 3:15pm
Absolutely. A few years ago, an eighteen-year relationship I had with a woman I was deeply in love with came to an abrupt and less than cordial conclusion and at first, just getting through the day without falling to pieces was a constant and exhausting challenge. However, as time goes on your mind begins to remember that you haven't known this person your entire life, and that there was a time when you were perfectly okay without them. You cry less each day, and feel less and less pain as time goes on. When a memory of a good time you shared with the person pops into your head and you smile rather than cry, then you'll know you've turned the corner. It just takes time and it's incredibly difficult, but yes; you eventually do move on.
April 2nd, 2015 8:54pm
I can never move on from serious love, and if its really serious I don't think anyone can really move on from it
September 19th, 2017 1:44am
Some say that if you ever loved someone you will always love them and some say time is a healer. Both could be true at the same time because things definitely get easier. If its over we have to keep moving to love OURSELVES by getting on with our lives and taking any lessons that might have come from the relationship. (Sometimes we can feel like weve lost the perfect person but we have to remember why it broke down, know what the lesson is and be grateful for the good times, that are priceless) I personally believe that if it is meant to be it will be again, we can meet the right person at the wrong time, we can also hold on to the wrong relationship. I think that if the relationship breaks down because of "flaws" you can go your separate ways to work on yourselves. You never know, you could grow in a completely different direction or meet someone else more suited, etc but you might as well give your focus to healing yourself gently but willingly. If the relationship breaks down because of "differences" they might just not be the right person but it doesnt make it any easier to accept and heal! You might always get that stomach drop if you bumped into them in the street, thats why we normally sever all ties because its painful to see an ex without you, especially when its fresh. My personal bottom line is that if you have separated from someone it's time to really look at yourself, your health and happiness and put everything into it! Ask yourself was the relationship making me feel good? Was I compromising my health and happiness? Was I able to be the best version of myself? Do I still have lessons to learn? Do I have a good relationship with myself firstly? Its a lot easier to move on if you accept and understand why you had to. Letting yourself keep busy and process the heartache is the kindest thing you can do for yourself and at the end of the day you are more important than focusing on your ex.
April 4th, 2015 7:00pm
Yes. At first it may seem like nobody else will ever be a better match for you than that of your past love. But with time, you will heal and meet someone that makes you realize why it didn't work out with your previous love. Keep your chin up, good things will come to you.
June 7th, 2015 7:11pm
Nope but you can appreciate it by considering that as a meaningful experience and learn from it. Turn all the sadness or grieve into your power by positive thinking
February 8th, 2015 4:26pm
Speaking personally-- yes. However, it won't be an easy process, I can assure you. Don't give up, and have hope for the future. You'll move past this difficult time faster than you think.
August 16th, 2016 1:53am
Yes! when you bond with somebody and then have that ripped away from you, it can take a long time to mend that other half. But it is totally possible. Patience and TLC is what we need during heart break.
April 3rd, 2015 7:01pm
I litteraly had the same problem a few weeks ago. You think there's something missing in your life after a breakup. But remember the time you were happy before you even met that person? You should get back to that and maybe also do the hobbies you did before you actually had no more time for them. It gets better day by day. Keep on track and aim for lifegoals, maybe find some lifegoals and settle them.
October 30th, 2015 12:48am
Yes. Love does not go away just because the relationship did not work out. We can love those who are not in front of us. Its our love we feel for someone else and to try to force it out of our heart is futile. Try gratitude for the love you have had, and have and move forward with the new possibilities that are ahead. There is always a new thing in life if we allow it to happen or make it happen. Look at it as an adventure. When one relationship ends it does not cut off the possibility to love someone again. There are many people in this world! Until then, love yourself and be kind to yourself. Its a time to grow and welcome in a new season!
June 28th, 2016 8:20am
Yea you will keep the memories with you but once you lose all hope and realise that the person wasn't the one,you can start moving on...
May 24th, 2015 1:34pm
I believe that you can't move on from seriously love. No matter who you find after, the person you loved before will always be in the back of your mind. In some way, you will always care for them.
May 26th, 2020 8:55pm
I do believe that you can move on from a serious love. It will 100% take quite a bit of time to be able to fully move on, but you will get there. Just don't give up hope and don't stop yourself from meeting new people solely because you believe you will never meet someone like your previous love. There is someone new out there who you could potentially fall in love with, you just have to have patience and be willing to get back out there. I would say to not rush back out there until you feel you are ready, but also don't just keep putting it off years after the previous love has ended.
May 15th, 2015 10:19am
Its empowering and should help anybody look at their relationships more realistically. It will help you look past their flaws because you know that love isn't supposed to be 100% magical and you shouldn't expect to love everything about a person, but you choose to look past those things and choose love instead
May 24th, 2015 6:26am
Yes, you can lose the feeling of serious love in someone (even the first love), but you won't necessarily forget about them. They will always occupy a place in your heart, just not in a romantic way.
June 29th, 2015 4:45pm
No I do not think we can never move on from a serious love.There will be memories yes,but those memoires will become less and less painful as days go by.One day those memories will become a pleasant and you will be glad to have experienced a love like this,which many people don'y get a chance to.That is the day when we truely move on .Yes It will take time but one day it will surely come
August 31st, 2015 8:34pm
ABSOLUTELY. 100%. YOU CAN!!!! It may be serious at the time, but with time, and serious reflection, you may realise that it wasn't that serious at all. You may realise that you dodged a bullet. It might even take an entire new relationship, a new connection, and time with this new person to realise this. There's no telling when the epiphany comes, but it will come. I guarantee it. It happened to me, and I made myself look stupid pining over someone for a year after leaving them, clouding my judgement and finally it smacked me in the face: what am I doing???!!! It's more than possible.
November 17th, 2015 9:34am
Yes. It's hard but I think it's possible. If you have a supportive family and amazing friends they will help you move on.
January 12th, 2016 2:58am
You must allow yourself to reflect on why you were truly in love. Only then you can discover how you are going to address your emotions, an how you will adjust your life to better yourself.
February 22nd, 2016 2:04pm
Yes. No. Maybe. Only time can tell. Love is a big deal for me. It's the only thing I'm good at. Loving someone. You can say that I'm a sucker for love. And I know that it might take a long time for me to fully move on, but who knows, maybe I more stronger in the future.
April 11th, 2016 1:18am
Yes you can. If someone wants sth, nothing can stop them from reaching whatever they want except for themselves. If you want to move on a relationship that lasted for a long time and with you having deep and honest feelings to your partner then you can, you need to have patience with yourself and let time do it's role in helping tho.
June 28th, 2016 7:34pm
No, I think it's something that is with you for the rest of your life, it helps shape the person you are.
November 21st, 2017 5:13am
I think maybe a part of your heart will always belong to them, but you can still give your whole heart to someone else. And maybe what once was a heart wrenching pain upon hearing their name will just become a slight pang, and then nothing at all. The world is full of so many people, and there are so many potential loves. Too many to just be brought down forever from the loss of one. It'll hurt, but it's better to hurt and cry and mourn rather than feel nothing.
April 24th, 2018 7:06pm
It depends. I have never been in love but I do not think that you can ever fully move on from a serious love. You can move on, but not fully.
June 12th, 2018 8:11am
yes, indeed you can. Soon you will think whatever happened it was for good...if it would have been the best one then it wouldnt have gone and since it did means something better is coming your way
June 26th, 2018 12:39am
Yes but It takes time. You must allow yourself to cry and fully grieve the lost of this relationship in order to heal from this and move on.
December 15th, 2020 12:24am
Well this is a complicated answer to a complicated question... Part of moving on is realizing what happened. Knowing that you can’t change the outcomes of the past. Even embracing parts of it. But Moving on is never forgetting, but accepting all these things and continuing to live and heal. So yes, everybody, even you do eventually move on, but a part of you will always remember, which can fool you into thinking you may not have moved on. Which isn’t true. It was a part of your life, just like any other, memories happen. Everybody interprets the process differently.